The Four Elements and Uncovering Your Passion: A Guide to Using Tarot and Oracle Cards

As human beings, we are all driven by various passions and desires that move us towards achieving our goals and dreams. However, sometimes these passions can be hidden or difficult to uncover. This is where the mystical world of Tarot and oracle readings can offer us insights and guidance. The four elements of water, air, earth, and fire are commonly used in Tarot and oracle readings to represent different aspects of our lives. Each element has its own unique characteristics and meanings, and by exploring them, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our passions. In this article, we will dive into the world of the four elements and explore how they can help us uncover our passions and live a more fulfilling life.

The Four Elements in Tarot and Oracle Readings

The Four Elements In Tarot And Oracle Readings
Understanding the intricacies of tarot and oracle readings can be a difficult task, but delving into the four elements can make it easier. In tarot readings, each of the four elements – Water, Air, Earth, and Fire – represents different aspects of life, from emotions and intellect to material possessions and passion. By understanding how each element can influence our lives, we can gain valuable insights into our personal and professional pursuits. In this section, we will dive into the meanings and characteristics of each element and how to use them to uncover our passion.

Water: Emotions and Relationships

Water element represents emotions and relationships in tarot and oracle readings. The ability to connect emotionally and spiritually with people is a hallmark characteristic of this element. Water is receptive and empathic, and it can reveal deep insights into our emotional nature and relationships. The following are some of the meanings associated with the water element in tarot and oracle readings:

  • Emotions: Water represents our emotions and the depth of our feelings. It is a force of nature that can either calm or overwhelm us depending on our ability to understand and manage our emotions.
  • Intuition: Water element speaks to our intuitive abilities and the ability to navigate the unknown from an emotionally responsive place.
  • Trust: Trust is one of the key factors in maintaining healthy relationships, and water is associated with trusting oneself and trusting others.
  • Empathy: Empathy is an essential aspect of human connection, and the water element is associated with deep empathy and the ability to relate to others on a profound level.

To uncover your passion through the Water element, you may want to take the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Take a water element quiz to discover your dominant element (there are various quizzes that you can find online).
  2. Step 2: Explore the characteristics and meaning of the water element in-depth through tarot and oracle readings.
  3. Step 3: Connect with the Water element through meditation or visualization. Imagine a serene body of water, and try to connect with the emotions and feelings it evokes.
  4. Step 4: Use tarot and oracle cards to deepen your connection and understanding of the Water element. Pull cards to explore your emotional nature and your relationships with others.

If you are interested in exploring Water element in-depth and want to gain more clarity about your relationships, you may want to try a Water element-driven tarot reading. For instance, a Water element-driven reading could be used to gain insight into your current relationship or to discover your emotional blocks that are preventing you from connecting with others on a deeper level.

To learn more about using tarot for career development and finding your passion at work, please check out our article on Tarot Career Clarity & Direction.

Air: Intellect and Communication

When it comes to uncovering your passion, the element of Air plays an important role in guiding you towards the right direction. Air is associated with intellect, communication, and mental processes.

By identifying your dominant element as Air, you can start exploring its characteristics and meanings to uncover your passion. Below is a table that summarizes the key attributes of Air:

Characteristics Meanings
Intellectual Thinking, analyzing, problem-solving
Communicative Expressing ideas, networking, socializing
Objective Seeing things from different perspectives, detached observation
Curious Exploring new ideas, seeking knowledge and understanding
Adaptable Flexibility, open-mindedness, versatility

Intellect is a core characteristic of Air, which means that you may be drawn to careers or interests that require analytical thinking, problem-solving, and critical reasoning. Your passion may lie in learning and exploring new ideas, as well as applying your knowledge to real-world situations.

Communication is another important aspect of Air, which means that you are naturally inclined towards expressing your ideas and thoughts to others. You may enjoy socializing and networking, and may be drawn towards careers that require strong communication skills, such as writing, speaking, or teaching.

Objectivity is a key trait of Air, which means that you may have an innate ability to look at things from different perspectives and analyze situations in a detached manner. This can be an asset in careers such as law, journalism, or research.

Curiosity is another characteristic of Air, which means that you may be drawn towards exploring new ideas and seeking knowledge and understanding. Your passion may lie in pursuing higher education, or immersing yourself in new experiences that broaden your horizons.

Adaptability is also an important trait of Air, which means that you are flexible, open-minded, and versatile. This can be an asset in careers that require adaptability and quick thinking, such as entrepreneurship, sales, or consulting.

By understanding these key characteristics and meanings of Air, you can start connecting with your dominant element through meditation, visualization, or other techniques. You can also use Tarot and Oracle cards to deepen your connection to Air and uncover your passion. The following link can provide you more insight: /discover-strengths-tarot/

Earth: Material World and Stability

When it comes to the element of Earth in tarot and oracle readings, it represents the material world and stability. In readings, this element can indicate a need for grounding and practicality. It encourages us to focus on our physical surroundings, financial security, and the importance of stability in our lives.

Here are some characteristics and meanings associated with the Earth element:

  • Grounding: Earth is heavily associated with grounding and can encourage us to reconnect with the physical world.
  • Material possessions: This element can signify our attachment to material possessions and how they affect our overall stability.
  • Patience: The Earth element portrays a sense of calm and teaches us the importance of being patient when it comes to achieving our goals.
  • Financial security: We may discover that our financial stability deeply affects the other areas of our lives, including our emotional and mental state.
  • Creativity through practicality: The Earth element encourages us to use our creativity in practical and grounded ways. It indicates that we can create something amazing even with limited resources.

If you feel drawn to the Earth element, it may be an indication of a deep desire for stability and practicality in your life. Meditating on this element can help you reconnect with nature and the physical world, which may aid in promoting feelings of security and stability.

Using tarot and oracle cards can be helpful in further connecting with the Earth element. For example, a tarot reading focusing on your life purpose can delve into how your relationship with financial security is affecting your overall stability and sense of grounding. Likewise, a career reading can provide insight into how to use your practical skills and creativity to advance in your career.

The Earth element teaches us to appreciate the physical world and how it affects our stability in life. By embracing the qualities and characteristics of this element, we can learn to live a more practical and grounded life, promoting long-term security and harmony in all aspects of our life.

Fire: Passion and Creativity

When it comes to the element of Fire in tarot and oracle readings, it represents passion and creativity. This element is associated with the drive and energy that ignites our desire to create and pursue our deepest passions. Fire is all about taking action, being proactive, and having the courage to pursue your dreams.

Fire is also associated with transformation, as it has the power to purify and renew. It can help you overcome obstacles and push through blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Fire encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks.

If you identify as someone who resonates with the element of Fire, you are likely someone who is passionate and confident about your creative pursuits. You have a desire to make a significant impact on the world through your work or projects, and you tend to be driven by your goals and ambitions.

Example of Fire-Driven Reading

A tarot reading focused on Fire can help uncover insights about your creative pursuits and passions. Here is an example of a reading that focuses on a creative project:

Position Card Meaning
1. Current situation The Magician You have the skills and resources you need to make your creative project a success. Trust your abilities and take action.
2. Obstacles to overcome The Tower You may face unexpected challenges or setbacks, but use the energy of the Fire element to push through and turn them into opportunities.
3. Guidance and direction The Sun The Fire element is supporting your creative endeavors. Stay positive, focus your energy, and keep moving forward.
4. Outcome The World Your hard work and dedication will pay off. Your creative project will be a success, and you will experience personal growth and transformation.

If you’re looking to break through creative blocks or gain clarity and direction in your passion work, a Fire-driven reading could be just what you need. In addition to readings, practices like self-reflection and meditation can help deepen your connection to the Fire element and harness its energy to fuel your creative pursuits.

How to Use the Elements to Uncover Your Passion

Once you have gained an understanding of the four elements and their significance in tarot and oracle readings, you can use this knowledge to uncover your passion. By analyzing the elements that dominate your life, you can identify what truly drives you and motivates you to succeed. Here are some steps that you can follow to use the elements to uncover your passion and achieve clarity in your personal and professional life. If you want to learn more about how tarot can help you find your calling or breakthrough career blocks, check out /passion-work-tarot/.

Step 1: Identify your Dominant Element

One of the first steps in using the four elements to uncover your passion is to identify which element dominates in your life. To do this, you can reflect on your personality traits, interests, and tendencies.
Let’s create a table to make this step clearer:

Water Air Earth Fire
Emotional Intellectual Practical Creative
Intuitive Rational Grounded Inspired
Relationship-focused Communication-focused Material-focused Passion-focused

Water-dominant individuals are emotional, intuitive and relationship-focused. Air-dominant individuals are intellectual, rational, and communication-focused. Earth-dominant individuals are practical, grounded, and material-focused. Fire-dominant individuals are creative, inspired, and passion-focused.

Once you identify your dominant element, you focus on the characteristics and meanings of your element to gain insight into your passions. This can be done through meditations or tarot and oracle readings. For example, if you identify as an Air-dominant individual, you may find it helpful to use resources such as Breakthrough Career Blocks with Tarot or Tarot for Career Clarity and Direction to further explore your passions and career goals.

Step 2: Explore the Characteristics and Meanings of Your Element

Once you have identified your dominant element, it’s time to explore its characteristics and meanings. Each element has unique qualities that can help you gain insight into your passions and desires. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key traits and meanings of each element:

Element Characteristics Meanings
Water Emotions, intuition, sensitivity, creativity Love, relationships, change, healing, psychic abilities
Air Intellect, communication, objectivity, logic Career, goals, education, travel, spirituality
Earth Material possessions, stability, reliability, groundedness Finances, career, health, family, home
Fire Passion, creativity, energy, assertiveness Projects, career, leadership, self-expression, spirituality

As you can see, each element has its own set of attributes and meanings. Understanding these traits can help you gain a deeper understanding of your own passions and desires. Take some time to reflect on how these characteristics relate to your own life and experiences. Do you see any patterns or themes that resonate with you? By delving deeper into your dominant element, you can begin to build a stronger connection with your passions and unlock your full potential.

Step 3: Connect with Your Element through Meditation or Visualization

Connecting with your dominant element is a crucial step in uncovering your passion. To develop a deeper connection with your element, you can use meditation or visualization techniques. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Meditation: Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breath. As you inhale, imagine that you are inhaling the energy of your dominant element. As you exhale, imagine that you are releasing any negative energy or thoughts. You can also visualize yourself surrounded by your element, enveloped in its unique energy.
  • Visualization: Visualization can be a powerful tool to help you connect with your element. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place that represents your dominant element. For example, if your dominant element is earth, visualize yourself standing on a mountain or in a forest. If your dominant element is water, visualize yourself by a calm lake or the ocean. Imagine all the sights, sounds, and sensations of being in that environment. As you immerse yourself in the imagery, allow yourself to feel a sense of connection and alignment with your element.

Both meditation and visualization can help you develop a deeper connection with your dominant element. By regularly incorporating these practices into your routine, you can cultivate a stronger sense of awareness and intuition, which can be invaluable in uncovering your true passion.

Step 4: Use Tarot and Oracle Cards to Deepen Your Connection to Your Element

Through the use of tarot and oracle cards, you can further explore and connect with your dominant element. Tarot and oracle cards are powerful tools that can help you tap into your intuition and gain deeper insights into your passions and purpose.

What are Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, each with a unique image and meaning. These cards are often used for divination or self-discovery, and they can provide guidance and clarity on various aspects of life.

Oracle cards, on the other hand, come in many forms and variations. They can be a deck of cards with images and words or a single card with a message or affirmation. Like tarot cards, oracle cards can also be used for guidance and self-discovery.

How to Use Tarot and Oracle Cards for Element Connection

To deepen your connection to your dominant element using tarot and oracle cards, follow these steps:

Step Action
1 Select a tarot or oracle deck that resonates with your dominant element. For example, if your dominant element is water, you may choose a deck with water-themed images or a deck that focuses on emotions and relationships.
2 Set an intention before you begin the reading. This can be as simple as asking the cards to provide guidance and clarity on your passion or purpose.
3 Shuffle the cards and pull a card or cards that relate to your intention. For example, if your intention is to gain clarity on your passion, you may pull a card that represents creativity or passion.
4 Reflect on the image and message of the card(s) and how it relates to your intention and dominant element. Allow yourself to tap into your intuition and connect with the energy of the card(s).
5 Journal about your experience and any insights or revelations you gained from the reading. This can help you deepen your connection to your dominant element and clarify your passions and purpose.


By using tarot and oracle cards, you can deepen your connection to your dominant element and gain insights into your passions and purpose. Remember to set an intention, choose a deck that resonates with your element, and allow yourself to tap into your intuition when doing a reading. With practice, you can use tarot and oracle cards as a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

Examples of Element-Driven Readings

As you begin to delve deeper into the world of Tarot and oracle readings, the role of the four elements in uncovering your passion becomes increasingly apparent. Each element has its distinct characteristics that can help guide you towards your true calling. In this section, we will explore examples of element-driven readings that can provide insight into specific areas of your life, including relationships, career, finances, and creative projects. By understanding how the elements can apply to these areas, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your passions. Let’s dive in and see how each element can offer guidance for various aspects of your life.

Water: Relationship Reading

In a relationship reading, water represents the emotional connection between two people. Here are some steps to perform a water element reading:

  • Shuffle the Cards: Shuffle your tarot or oracle cards while focusing on your question about your relationship.
  • Draw Some Cards: Draw three cards from the deck.
  • Interpret the Cards: Each card represents a different aspect of your relationship. Interpret them together to provide insight into your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses.

The first card represents the current state of the relationship. This card will explain the emotional aspects of the relationship, uncovering how you feel and how your partner feels.

The second card reveals the challenges and conflicts that you may be experiencing in your relationship. It provides an understanding of the emotional blocks and negative patterns that are causing issues.

The third card represents the opportunities or changes necessary for the relationship’s growth, which could be positive or negative. It points out what needs to be done to improve the situation and strengthen the relationship.

Afterward, reflect upon your reading and consider the insights you have gained. Use the knowledge gained from this reading to make positive changes in your relationship.

Air: Career/Goals Reading

When it comes to uncovering your passion, the element of Air can provide insight into your career goals and aspirations. Air is associated with the intellect and communication. In a Tarot or Oracle reading focused on career or goals, the Air element can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Key Characteristics of Air Element

Before diving into your Air element reading, it’s important to first understand the key characteristics and meanings associated with the element. Air represents intellectual pursuits, communication, and traveling, among other things. People with a dominant Air element tend to be creative thinkers, have a strong need for intellectual stimulation, and can be adept at communicating their ideas to others.

Air in Career and Goals Reading

When it comes to a career or goals reading, Air can help you gain insight into what you want to do and how you can achieve it. If you have a dominant Air element, you may be drawn to careers that allow you to use your intellect and creativity, such as writing, teaching, or design.

On the other hand, if your Air element is weak, you may struggle with finding direction in your career and may have difficulty communicating your ideas effectively to others. In this case, a reading focused on Air could help you identify areas where you need to improve and how to do so.

Sample Air Reading Spread

Here is a sample three-card spread for an Air element career or goals reading:

Card Position Card Meaning
1 What intellectual strengths do you bring to your career/goals?
2 What areas do you need to improve upon to achieve success?
3 What steps can you take to improve your communication skills?

This spread can help you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide insight into how you can better communicate your ideas to others, which is crucial for success in any career or goal.

Earth: Financial Reading

When it comes to uncovering your passion using the four elements, Earth is the element that represents the material world and stability. This element is closely linked to financial matters, making it a valuable resource for those seeking financial stability or exploring their passion through financial means.

To conduct an Earth-based financial reading, you can use Tarot or oracle cards and focus on questions related to your finances, such as “What steps can I take to improve my financial situation?” or “How can I align my financial goals with my passion?”

A Tarot spread suitable for an Earth-centered financial reading is the “Money Tree” spread, which consists of seven cards arranged in a circular pattern resembling the branches of a tree. Each card represents a different aspect of your financial situation, from your current income to your long-term financial goals, and can provide valuable insights into your financial well-being.

Here is an example of how you can interpret the cards in a Money Tree spread for an Earth-centered financial reading:

| Card Position | Card Meaning | Interpretation |
| — | — | — |
| 1 | Current Income | The amount of money you currently earn through your job or other sources of income. This card can also indicate your attitude towards money and how you perceive your financial situation. |
| 2 | Debts and Liabilities | Any outstanding debts or financial obligations that you currently have. This card can help you identify areas where you need to cut back on spending or find ways to reduce your debt load. |
| 3 | Savings and Investments | The amount of money you have saved or invested, as well as any financial assets you currently hold. This card can reveal your level of financial security and determine if you have enough savings to pursue your passion without jeopardizing your financial stability. |
| 4 | Short-term Financial Goals | The financial goals you hope to achieve in the near future, such as paying off a credit card or saving for a down payment on a house. This card can help you prioritize your financial goals and identify any obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving them. |
| 5 | Long-term Financial Goals | The financial goals you hope to achieve in the long run, such as retiring comfortably or starting your own business. This card can provide insights into your broader financial outlook and help you identify the steps you need to take to realize your dreams. |
| 6 | Financial Resources | Any resources or support systems you have in place to achieve your financial goals, such as a financial planner or a supportive partner. This card can help you tap into your support network and find resources to help you achieve your financial objectives. |
| 7 | Financial Future | The overall outlook for your financial future, based on your current financial situation and the actions you take to improve your financial well-being. This card can serve as a guidepost for your financial journey and help you stay on track towards achieving your goals. |

By using this Earth-based financial reading, you can gain a deeper understanding of your financial situation and how it intersects with your passions and life goals. The insights you gain from this reading can help you make better financial decisions, establish healthy financial habits, and build a solid foundation for pursuing your passion with confidence and stability.

Fire: Creative Project Reading

When it comes to uncovering your passion and pursuing creative projects, the Fire element plays a significant role. Here are some steps you can take to perform a Fire element-driven reading for your creative project:

  • Step 1: Begin by laying out tarot or oracle cards that correspond to the Fire element, such as the Ace, Two, or Three of Wands.
  • Step 2: Focus on your creative project and ask the cards what energy you need to bring to it in order for it to be successful.
  • Step 3: Pay attention to the symbolism and imagery in the cards. For example, the Ace of Wands may represent new beginnings and creative potential, while the Three of Wands may represent expansion and growth in your project.
  • Step 4: Use the insights gained from your reading to fuel your creative process. Incorporate the message and energy of the cards into your work.

By connecting with the Fire element through this reading, you can ignite your passion and bring a new level of creativity to your project. Remember to stay open to the insights and guidance that come through the cards and use them as a tool to fuel your dreams.


In conclusion, the four elements play a significant role in uncovering our passions and guiding us on our path towards fulfillment. By understanding and connecting with each element, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and what truly motivates us.

Water, the element of emotions and relationships, helps us understand our emotional needs and what drives our connections with others. By exploring our relationship with water, we can gain clarity on our personal relationships and who we are as individuals.

Air, the element of intellect and communication, helps us understand our thinking patterns and how we communicate with others. By embracing our connection with air, we can gain insight into our career aspirations, intellectual pursuits, and communication style.

Earth, the element of the material world and stability, helps us understand our practical needs and what brings us stability in life. By connecting with our connection with earth, we can gain clarity on our financial situation, material possessions, and overall sense of security.

Fire, the element of passion and creativity, helps us understand what truly inspires us and fuels our passions. By tapping into our connection with fire, we can gain insight into our creative endeavors and what drives us towards success.

By following the steps outlined in this article – identifying your dominant element, exploring its characteristics and meanings, connecting through meditation or visualization, and deepening your connection through tarot and oracle cards – you can gain a deeper understanding of your passions and how to pursue them.

Remember that finding your passion is a journey, and it may take time to fully understand and embrace what truly motivates you. But by connecting with the four elements and exploring their role in your life, you can uncover your passions and work towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four elements in Tarot and Oracle Readings?

The four elements are Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.

What is the role of Water in uncovering your passion?

Water represents emotions and relationships, which can help you understand what drives your passions.

How does Air play a role in identifying your passions?

Through intellect and communication, Air can help you think critically about your passions and how to pursue them effectively.

What is the significance of Earth in uncovering your passion?

Earth represents stability and the material world, and understanding this can help you identify the practical steps you need to take to pursue your passions.

How does Fire play a role in identifying your passions?

Fire represents passion and creativity, which are often key components in understanding what truly drives us.

How can I use the elements to uncover my passion?

You can use the elements by identifying your dominant element, exploring its characteristics and meanings, connecting with it through meditation or visualization, and using tarot and oracle cards to deepen your connection to that element.

What is the first step in using the elements to uncover my passion?

The first step is to identify your dominant element.

Can everyone use the elements to uncover their passion?

Yes, anyone can use the elements to gain insight into their passions and what drives them.

How can tarot and oracle cards help me connect with my element?

Tarot and oracle cards have specific cards and symbols associated with each element, and working with these cards can deepen your connection to that element.

What are some examples of how to use the elements in a reading?

Examples include using Water for relationship readings, Air for career and goal-oriented readings, Earth for financial readings, and Fire for creative project readings.


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