A Guide to Collecting NBA Team Flags

NBA team flags are much more than mere pieces of cloth. For devoted basketball fans and collectors, they represent a passion, a connection to their favorite teams, and a piece of history. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting out, the world of NBA team flags is a fascinating one to explore. From the first standard flags to championship banners, there is a wide variety of flags available that hold significant value and rarity. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history, significance, types, and tips for collecting NBA team flags. Additionally, we’ll showcase some rare finds and valuable pieces that every NBA fan and collector should know about. So if you’re ready to dive in and explore the world of NBA team flags, keep reading to learn more!

1. History of NBA Team Flags

The history of NBA team flags dates back to the very early days of the league. In fact, the first NBA team flags were simple banners that featured the team’s name and maybe their logo. These basic flags were used to celebrate victories and advertise the team to fans.

As the league grew in popularity, so did the use and design of team flags. The flags became more elaborate and were used to symbolize not just the team, but also the city or state they represented. The designs began to incorporate unique elements that represented the team’s identity, such as colors, symbols, and mascots.

Over the years, NBA team flags have also been used to commemorate significant events and milestones. For example, championship flags are raised to commemorate a team’s victory in the NBA Finals, and players’ flags are used to honor special achievements.

The symbolism and design of NBA team flags are an important part of their history. The colors and symbols used in the flags often reflect the city or state that the team represents. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers’ purple and gold flag is a nod to the state flower of California, the golden poppy.

As the NBA has evolved, so has the use of team flags. Nowadays, they can be found everywhere from stadiums and arenas to public spaces and private collections. In fact, some of the best places to display NBA team flags include sports bars, game rooms, and man caves.

The history of NBA team flags is a rich and varied one, covering everything from their evolution in design and symbolism to the best ways to display and care for them. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or just a fan of the sport, there’s no denying the important role that these flags have played in the NBA’s story.

2. Significance of NBA Team Flags

NBA team flags hold significant value for basketball fans and collectors alike. These flags represent a particular team’s success, history, and fan base. They are a reflection of the team’s journey towards victory and the pride that fans feel for their team. Here are some of the significances of NBA team flags:

  • Identity: NBA team flags are a reflection of a team’s identity and are often an essential component of a team’s branding. These flags showcase a team’s logo, colors, and other identifying information. Fans who support a particular NBA team display these flags to show their loyalty and support.
  • History: NBA team flags represent a team’s history and successes. Championship flags are some of the most sought after team flags since they commemorate a team’s successful season. Fans collect championship flags to commemorate and celebrate their team’s achievements.
  • Emotional Connection: NBA team flags can evoke strong emotions from fans. These flags symbolize the passion, dedication, and support that fans have for their team. Fans display these flags with pride, and they serve as a reminder of the connection that they have with their team.

NBA team flags are significant to basketball fans and collectors as they represent a team’s identity, history, and emotional connection with their fans. Their importance cannot be overstated as they are an essential part of a team’s branding and are a way for fans to express their love and loyalty towards a specific NBA team.

3. Types of NBA Team Flags

NBA team flags come in various types and designs that represent a team’s identity and achievements. The most common types of NBA team flags include standard flags, championship flags, commemorative flags, player flags, and championship banners. Standard flags are the most common type that fans usually wave during games and showcase their team spirit. Championship flags are designed to commemorate a team’s championship win, while commemorative flags mark significant events or milestones in a team’s history or player’s career. Player flags usually bear the image of a team’s superstar or a player’s jersey number. Championship banners are larger flags that are hung in the team’s home arena and represent a team’s championship wins. Each type of flag holds a significant value to a team’s fans and collectors. To learn more about the history and symbolism behind NBA team flags, check out this link: /history-nba-team-flags/.

3.1. Standard Flags

Standard flags are the simplest type of NBA team flags but they are still an essential item for any serious collector. These flags display the team’s logo and colors on a rectangular piece of fabric. Despite their simplicity, they are a valuable piece of any NBA fan’s collection.

The standard flag is a versatile piece of memorabilia that can be hung on a wall or flown on a flagpole. Fans often display them in their bedrooms, living rooms, or dorm rooms. Some even bring them to games as a show of support for their favorite team.

One of the reasons why standard flags are so popular is because they are widely available and affordable, making them an excellent way for new collectors to start building their collection. Many sports stores and online retailers carry them, and they are usually priced from around $20 to $50 depending on the team and the size of the flag.

Another benefit of standard flags is their durability. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand outdoor elements, so you can fly them outside your home to show off your favorite team to the neighbors.

If you are a fan of the NBA, you should consider adding some standard flags to your collection. They are a great way to show your support for your favorite team and can help you create an impressive display of your passion for the game.

However, when you are looking to collect standard flags, it is important to pay attention to the authenticity of the flags. Always purchase from a reputable seller to ensure that you are getting an original item. Proper care is crucial to keep your flags in top condition, especially if you plan on flying them outdoors. Store them in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing them to moisture or direct sunlight to prevent fading or deterioration over time.

In the next section, we will share some tips on how to collect NBA team flags and how to care for them properly to make sure your collection lasts for years to come.

3.2. Championship Flags

Championship Flags are an integral part of the NBA’s history and have significant collectors’ value. These flags commemorate the team’s championship win, making them highly valuable among collectors. The championship flags are often highly sought after by die-hard fans, with some flags dating back to the early years of the NBA.

During the NBA finals, after the last game, the winning team usually hoists a championship flag with pride, inaugurating its status as a champion. These flags usually feature the team’s name, the year of the win, and the NBA Finals logo. Fans can purchase officially licensed championship flags of their favorite teams to commemorate their victory, and some of these flags come with additional insignia, such as the team’s logo or signature graphics.

The designs of championship flags are ever-changing, with each team using unique symbolism. For example, the Chicago Bulls championship flags use the iconic “Jumpman” logo to pay homage to the team’s greatest player, Michael Jordan. Similarly, the Golden State Warriors championship flags often feature the team’s famous golden gate bridge symbol to pay tribute to its home city.

Championship flags are often considered one of the most treasured and valuable possessions among NBA memorabilia collectors, so ensuring that they are appropriately cared for is essential. Collectors should safeguard their flags from moisture and direct sunlight to preserve its quality. It is also beneficial to learn about the different materials used in the creation of flags to maintain its condition for years to come.

Collecting championship flags can be an expensive hobby, but it is worth it for a true enthusiast. Having a collection of these flags is not only a valuable investment, but also a source of pride and experience. Fans can tell you their own stories of their favorite team’s championship achievements, and each flag has a unique design and symbolism that reflects this history.

3.3. Commemorative Flags

Commemorative flags are often produced to celebrate a specific event or player in a team’s history. These flags are typically printed in limited quantities, making them highly sought after by collectors. Some commemorative flags may feature a specific player’s accomplishment, such as Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game, or may commemorate a team’s championship win.

One example of a highly coveted commemorative flag is the Michael Jordan ‘Last Shot’ Flag. This flag showcases Jordan’s game-winning shot in the 1998 NBA Finals, which ultimately secured the championship for the Chicago Bulls. Another example is the Golden State Warriors “Strength in Numbers” Flag, which was created to commemorate the team’s historic 73-win season in 2015-2016.

Collectors who are interested in purchasing commemorative flags should keep in mind that these flags may be more difficult to come by than other types of flags. However, they can be a valuable addition to a collection, especially for those who appreciate the historical significance of different players and events in NBA history.

When looking for commemorative flags, collectors should pay attention to the condition of the flag as well as its rarity and historical significance. Additionally, it’s important to authenticate the flag to ensure its legitimacy.

If you are interested in learning more about NBA team flags, you can check out our article on the evolution of NBA team flags or read about the top 10 most popular NBA team flags. For more information on caring for your NBA team flags, take a look at our article on NBA team flag care. Finally, if you want to learn more about the history and inspirations behind NBA team flags, check out our article on the story behind NBA team flags and the inspirations behind NBA team flags.

3.4. Player Flags

NBA Player Flags are an exciting addition to any collector’s NBA memorabilia collection. These flags showcase individual players with images, statistics, or achievements commemorated on the flag.

Player flags can feature any player, regardless of their team affiliation. Some of the most popular player flags feature legendary players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson. Other player flags showcase current superstars such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry.

Player flags come in different sizes and designs, some focusing on individual players’ achievements, such as Rookie of the Year or NBA MVP. Some player flags also feature the player’s signature, making them even more unique and valuable.

If you’re looking to collect NBA player flags, it’s essential to research and educate yourself on the different players and their respective flags available on the market. You can start by looking for player flags on auction sites, specialty stores, and online marketplaces.

When purchasing player flags, consider the flag’s condition and rarity. A player’s popularity, career success, and overall impact on the game can affect the flag’s value and collectability.

Below is a list of some player flags that have become rare finds and valuable pieces to add to any collection:

Player Name Flag Design Significance
Michael Jordan 1992 Dream Team Olympics Flag Commemorated the Dream Team’s dominance in the 1992 Olympics where they won gold.
Kobe Bryant 2009 NBA Championship Flag Celebrated Kobe Bryant’s leadership and performance in leading the Los Angeles Lakers to their
4th championship victory.
LeBron James 2016 NBA Championship Flag Marked the end of a 52-year championship drought for the city of Cleveland and LeBron’s
historic comeback in defeating the Golden State Warriors.
Steph Curry 2015 NBA MVP Commemorative Flag Recognized Curry’s outstanding regular season performance in leading the Golden State Warriors
to an NBA championship victory.

Collecting NBA player flags can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, showcasing your love and passion for the game and individual players that have influenced it. Remember to research, consider condition, rarity, and display and protect your collection for future generations to enjoy.

3.5. Championship Banners

Championship banners are some of the most sought after NBA team flags for collectors due to their significance and rarity. These bold and colorful banners are typically hung in the arenas of the championship-winning teams and represent a major accomplishment in the team’s history.

Championship banners are typically made of high-quality materials and feature the team’s logo, as well as the year or years in which they won the championship. Some championship banners may also include the names of the players or coaches who contributed to the win.

One example of a coveted championship banner is the Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Banner. This banner is a rare find and is highly valued by collectors due to its age and significance to the Celtics franchise. The banner features a large green and white design, with the words “NBA World Champions” prominently displayed.

Another example is the Los Angeles Lakers 1985 NBA Championship Banner, which is also highly prized by collectors. This banner features a purple and gold design and includes the iconic Lakers logo, as well as the years in which they won the championship.

Collectors looking to add championship banners to their collection should be prepared to do their research and be patient when searching for rare finds. These banners can be difficult to come by and may require networking with other collectors or attending sports memorabilia auctions to find the perfect addition to their collection.

4. Tips for Collecting NBA Team Flags

If you are interested in collecting NBA Team Flags, there are some tips you should keep in mind. First and foremost, researching and educating yourself is crucial to building a valuable collection. This means learning about the history of NBA Team Flags, different types, and understanding the value of certain pieces. It’s also important to start small and build your collection over time, keeping an eye out for rare pieces and focusing on condition and rarity. Networking and connecting with other collectors can also help you learn about new pieces, and finally, displaying and protecting your collection can help ensure its long-term value. A combination of knowledge, patience, and a good eye for rare finds can help collectors build an impressive collection of NBA Team Flags.

4.1. Research and Educate Yourself

To become a successful NBA team flag collector, it is important to have a strong foundation of knowledge about the subject. This means conducting thorough research and educating yourself on the history of NBA team flags, the different types available, and their significance. One way to research is by reading books on NBA history, attending auctions or shows, and browsing online marketplaces and forums.

You should also keep an eye on the latest trends in the market to determine which flags are in high demand. This can be done by joining collector groups and forums on social media platforms and engaging with others in the community. Subscribing to newsletters and following prominent collectors and sellers can also provide valuable insights.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the quality and authenticity of the flags. Understanding the fine details and characteristics of an original flag, such as the texture, material, and stitching, can help prevent purchasing forged or fake items.

By taking the time to research and educate yourself, you can gain a deeper understanding of NBA team flags and their value, and make informed decisions when adding to your collection.

4.2. Start Small and Build Your Collection Over Time

Starting a collection of NBA team flags can be an overwhelming task, but it is important to remember to start small and build your collection over time. Rushing to acquire every flag you come across can result in a mediocre collection, instead take your time to thoughtfully curate a unique collection.

One way to start small is to focus on collecting flags from one specific team or era. This can help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the history and significance of the team or era. Once you have a solid foundation, you can start to expand your collection to other teams or eras.

Another way to start small is to focus on a specific type of flag, such as championship flags or player flags. This can help you establish a theme for your collection and make it stand out.

It is also important to set a budget and stick to it. Collecting can be an expensive hobby, so starting small and slowly building your collection over time can help you stay within your budget.

To keep track of your collection, consider creating a spreadsheet or inventory list. This can help you keep track of which flags you already have and which ones you still need to acquire.

Remember, collecting NBA team flags is a marathon, not a sprint. Start small, take your time, and enjoy the process of building a unique and valuable collection.

Here is an example of how you can start building your collection over time:

Year Team Type of Flag
1991 Chicago Bulls Championship Flag
1980 Los Angeles Lakers Championship Flag
1969 Boston Celtics Championship Flag
2015 Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag
1998 Chicago Bulls Player Flag (Michael Jordan)

By starting small and slowly building your collection over time, you can create a valuable and unique collection of NBA team flags.

4.3. Consider Condition and Rarity

When collecting NBA team flags, it is important to consider both the condition and rarity of each piece. This can greatly affect its value and desirability among collectors.

Condition refers to the physical state of the flag, including factors such as fading, tears, and overall wear and tear. Flags in pristine condition will generally be worth more than those with visible damage. When evaluating condition, it is important to consider the age of the flag, as some wear and tear may be expected on older pieces.

Rarity refers to how uncommon a particular flag is in the collector’s market. Generally, the rarer the flag, the more valuable it will be. However, rarity is not necessarily determined by age alone. Some flags may have been produced in limited quantities or were only available for a short time, making them more sought after than others.

When considering both condition and rarity, it is important to note that a rare flag in poor condition may not be worth as much as a more common flag in excellent condition. Collectors should weigh both factors when making purchasing decisions and determining the value of their collection.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the condition and rarity of a NBA team flag:

Condition Rarity
Color intensity Number of flags produced
Fading Availability in the current market
Tears or rips Popularity of the team and era
Stains or discoloration Exclusivity or limited production
Overall wear and tear Historical significance

By considering both the condition and rarity of NBA team flags, collectors can more accurately determine their value and make informed decisions when building their collection.

4.4. Network and Connect with Other Collectors

Networking and connecting with other collectors is essential to building a successful and valuable collection of NBA team flags. Joining collector groups and attending conventions or events can help you find rare and valuable pieces, as well as provide a community to discuss your hobby with.

One way to connect with other collectors is through social media. Look for groups or pages dedicated to NBA team flag collecting, or search for hashtags related to the topic. Engage with other members by commenting on their posts and sharing your own collection.

Attending collector events or conventions is another great way to connect with other collectors. These events often have vendors selling rare pieces, as well as opportunities to network and meet other collectors. You can also attend seminars or workshops to learn more about the hobby and improve your collecting skills.

Another way to network is by joining a collector club or organization. These groups are often dedicated to specific types of collecting, such as sports memorabilia, and can provide valuable resources, knowledge, and connections. They may also offer exclusive opportunities for members to purchase rare or limited edition pieces.

In addition to networking with other collectors, building relationships with sellers and dealers can be beneficial. They may be able to provide insider knowledge or offer you first dibs on rare pieces they come across.

Networking and connecting with others in the collector community can help you expand your knowledge, find rare pieces, and build a valuable collection of NBA team flags. Don’t be afraid to reach out and engage with others who share your passion for collecting.

4.5. Display and Protect Your Collection

It is important to display and protect your NBA Team Flags collection properly in order to preserve its value and quality over time. Here are some tips to ensure that your valuable collection stays in good condition:

Tip Description
Use UV Protective Glass Ultraviolet (UV) light can cause fading and damage to the colors and fabric of your flags. Using UV protective glass in your display case can prevent this problem and keeps your flags looking like new.
Avoid Direct Sunlight Direct sunlight can cause fading, discoloration, and damage to your flags. Always avoid placing your collection in direct sunlight, and instead choose a location with moderate light conditions.
Handle with Care When handling your NBA team flags, use gloves to avoid transferring oil or sweat from your hands onto the fabric. Also, avoid folding or creasing the fabric, and use acid-free tissue paper to support the flags in storage or display.
Clean Your Collection Regular cleaning is important to maintain the quality and longevity of your collection. Use a soft, dry cloth or a brush to dust the flags, and avoid using water or cleaning solutions that can damage the fabric.
Secure Your Display Case If you are displaying your collection in a case, make sure that the case is secure and locked to prevent theft or damage. Choose a sturdy and high-quality case that can protect your flags from external factors such as dust, moisture, and temperature changes.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your NBA Team Flags collection remains in excellent condition, holds its value, and continues to be an enjoyable and valuable part of your life.

5. Rare Finds and Valuable Pieces

For serious collectors of NBA team flags, rare finds and valuable pieces are the ultimate prize. These one-of-a-kind treasures offer a glimpse into NBA history and serve as a tangible connection to some of the most iconic moments in the sport. Among the most highly coveted flags are championship banners and flags from championship seasons, including the Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag and the Los Angeles Lakers 1980 NBA Championship Flag. Other rare finds include commemorative flags, such as the Michael Jordan ‘Last Shot’ Commemorative Flag, which celebrates the iconic moment in the 1998 NBA Finals when Jordan sank the game-winning shot, and player flags featuring superstar athletes like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. As collectors hunt for these valuable pieces, they must consider factors like rarity, condition, and provenance, adding to the intrigue and excitement of the search for the perfect addition to their prized collection.

5.1. Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag

The Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag is a highly sought-after item among collectors of NBA team flags. This flag is a commemorative item that celebrates the Bulls’ first NBA championship victory in 1991. The flag is made of high-quality materials and features the team’s iconic logo and championship details.

One of the key features that makes this flag valuable is its rarity. It was produced in limited quantities, and not many have survived over the years. The flag is also in high demand among collectors, especially those who are fans of Michael Jordan and the Bulls during the peak of their success in the nineties.

The Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag is typically made of sturdy material, such as nylon or polyester, that is designed to last for many years. It is also designed to be displayed outdoors, so it can withstand the elements. The flag is usually adorned with the team’s official logo and the words “NBA Champions” in bold letters.

In terms of size, this flag is typically standard in size, ranging from 3ft x 5ft or 4ft x 6ft. The size makes it easy to display as a wall or window hanging, or even in a flagpole outside a collector’s home or office.

The current market value of the Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag varies depending on its condition, rarity, and demand. On average, a flag in good condition can range from $200 to $400, while a mint-condition flag or one that is autographed by Michael Jordan can go for well over $1,000 in some cases.

For collectors who are interested in investing in this rare find, it is important to verify its authenticity by checking for any official NBA markings, ensuring that the size and materials match the official specifications, and looking for any signs of wear and tear that might indicate a fake or replica.

The Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag remains a valuable piece of NBA memorabilia that is highly prized by collectors and fans alike.

5.2. Los Angeles Lakers 1980 NBA Championship Flag

The Los Angeles Lakers 1980 NBA Championship Flag is one of the most sought after NBA team flags among collectors. The Lakers won their sixth championship in the 1980 NBA Finals, defeating the Philadelphia 76ers in six games. This flag features the Lakers’ team colors of purple and gold, with the championship year and the team’s logo prominently displayed.

What makes this flag particularly valuable is its rarity. It was produced in limited quantities and was only available for purchase at the Forum in Los Angeles during the championship celebration. As a result, this flag is a rare find and highly coveted by Lakers fans and collectors.

In terms of condition, finding a flag that has been well-preserved and still has vibrant colors is important for collectors. Any signs of wear or fading can reduce the value of the flag. It’s also important to note that reproductions of this flag have been made, so collectors should be wary of any flags that appear to be in pristine condition but are being sold for a suspiciously low price.

When it comes to pricing, the value of the Los Angeles Lakers 1980 NBA Championship Flag can vary depending on its condition and rarity. As of 2021, a flag in good condition can fetch anywhere from $200-$500 on online auction sites or through private collectors. However, prices can fluctuate based on demand and availability.

The Los Angeles Lakers 1980 NBA Championship Flag is a valuable addition to any NBA team flag collection due to its rarity, historical significance, and vibrant design. Collectors should take care to properly preserve and display this piece to ensure its value remains intact.

5.3. Detroit Pistons 1989 NBA Championship Flag

The Detroit Pistons 1989 NBA Championship Flag is a rare find and highly valued by collectors. This particular flag was designed to commemorate the team’s victory in the 1989 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The flag measures 3 feet by 5 feet and features the team’s logo at the center, surrounded by the words “1989 NBA Champions” in bold letters. It also includes the official NBA Finals logo and the Pistons’ team colors of blue, red, and white.

What makes this flag so valuable is not only its rarity, but also the significance of the Pistons’ victory in the 1989 NBA Finals. The series was a highly contentious matchup between two powerhouse teams, and the Pistons ultimately prevailed in a four-game sweep. This victory marked the Pistons’ first NBA championship in team history and solidified their place in basketball history.

For collectors, the Detroit Pistons 1989 NBA Championship Flag represents a piece of basketball history that captures the excitement and drama of one of the most memorable NBA Finals series of all time. Due to its rarity and historical significance, it is highly sought after and can fetch a significant price on the collector’s market.

If you are lucky enough to come across a Detroit Pistons 1989 NBA Championship Flag, it is important to ensure that it is in good condition and properly authenticated before making a purchase. Displaying this rare find with pride and care is a great way to commemorate one of the most historic moments in NBA history.

5.4. Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Flag

The Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Flag is considered a rare find and a valuable piece among NBA flag collectors. The flag, measuring 3 feet by 5 feet, was created to celebrate the Celtics’ victory in the 1969 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics, led by legendary player Bill Russell, won their eleventh championship that year.

What makes this flag particularly valuable is its age, history, and condition. Vintage flags like this one are highly sought after by collectors because they represent a unique moment in time and a piece of NBA history.

The Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Flag features the classic green and white Celtics logo with “World Champions Boston Celtics” written in bold text. As with many vintage flags, there may be some wear and tear due to age, but a well-preserved flag can still fetch a high price among collectors.

Collectors who are interested in acquiring the Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Flag should be prepared to invest some time and money in the search. Due to its rarity, the flag may not be easy to come by, and when it is available, it may be expensive.

The Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Flag is a valuable piece for any NBA flag collector to add to their collection. Its age, history, and condition make it a rare find and a prized possession for any true basketball fan.

5.5. Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag

The Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag is a rare and highly sought after collector’s item. The flag features the team’s original logo with the words “Golden State Warriors” in a blue, yellow, and white color scheme. This particular flag dates back to the Warriors’ first season in the NBA, which was 1946-47.

What makes this flag especially unique is that it represents a historic moment in NBA history. The Warriors were one of the original teams in the Basketball Association of America (BAA), which eventually merged with the National Basketball League (NBL) to become the NBA. This inaugural flag represents a pivotal moment in not only the Warriors’ franchise history, but in the history of the NBA as a whole.

Due to its rarity and significance, the Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag can be quite valuable for collectors. Its value depends heavily on its condition. A flag in good condition, with minimal wear or damage, can be worth several hundred dollars, while a flag in poor condition may only be worth a fraction of that.

For collectors who are interested in adding this rare piece to their collection, it is important to do their research and be vigilant. The Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag is not a common find, and it may take some time and effort to locate one. Once a collector has found a flag that meets their criteria, it is recommended that they take steps to properly display and care for it, such as framing it or storing it in a protective case.

The Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag is a valuable and sought-after collector’s item with a rich history and significant cultural relevance. Its rarity and condition make it a prized possession for any serious NBA memorabilia enthusiast.

Features of Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag:
Original team logo
“Golden State Warriors” in blue, yellow, and white color scheme
Represents Warriors’ first season in the NBA, 1946-47
One of the original teams in Basketball Association of America

5.6. Michael Jordan ‘Last Shot’ Commemorative Flag

The Michael Jordan “Last Shot” commemorative flag is one of the most sought-after NBA team flags by collectors. This flag immortalizes the Chicago Bulls’ sixth NBA Championship in eight years, thanks to Michael Jordan’s iconic shot in Game 6 of the 1998 Finals. This flag features Jordan’s silhouette in mid-air as he took his game-winning shot.

The flag measures 3 feet by 5 feet and is made of high-quality nylon. It is double-stitched for durability and has a canvas header with brass grommets for easy hanging. The design is screen-printed in bold colors that make the image of Jordan stand out.

What makes this flag especially valuable is the limited number of units produced. The Michael Jordan “Last Shot” commemorative flag was made in limited quantities, and it is challenging to find one in excellent conditions. A flag in mint condition can be worth several thousand dollars, making it a rare and valuable collector’s item.

The Michael Jordan “Last Shot” commemorative flag is not only a valuable collector’s item, but it is also a piece of NBA history. This flag represents the determination, grit, and excellence that Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls embodied throughout their dynasty. It is a testament to their dominance on the basketball court and a reminder of MJ’s greatness.

If you are lucky enough to come across this rare collector’s item, you should ensure that it is authentic and in good condition. Be wary of counterfeit flags, and always buy from reputable dealers. Display this flag with pride as it represents one of the most significant moments in NBA history and a true legend of the sport – Michael Jordan.


In conclusion, collecting NBA team flags is an exciting and rewarding hobby for basketball enthusiasts and collectors alike. Learning about the history and significance of NBA team flags, as well as understanding the different types and tips for collecting, can help you build a valuable and impressive collection.

Remember to do your research, start small and build over time, consider rarity and condition, network with other collectors, and display and protect your collection properly. These tips can help you avoid common mistakes and make the most of your collecting experience.

And while there are a variety of NBA team flags to choose from, some rare finds and valuable pieces include the Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship Flag, Los Angeles Lakers 1980 NBA Championship Flag, Detroit Pistons 1989 NBA Championship Flag, Boston Celtics 1969 NBA Championship Flag, Golden State Warriors Inaugural Season Flag, and Michael Jordan ‘Last Shot’ Commemorative Flag.

So what are you waiting for? Start your collection today and enjoy the thrill of the hunt for rare and valuable NBA team flags. With the right approach and dedication, you never know what treasures you may uncover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I collect NBA team flags from any era?

Yes, you can collect NBA team flags from any era. However, some may be rarer or more valuable than others, depending on the team’s success during that time period and the rarity of the flag itself.

2. How can I determine the rarity of an NBA team flag?

Researching the history of the team and the specific flag can give you an idea of its rarity. Additionally, checking with other collectors or attending collector conventions can provide insight into the rarity of certain flags.

3. What’s the difference between a flag and a championship banner?

A flag is a decorative piece that usually bears the team’s name and logo. A championship banner, on the other hand, is a flag that commemorates a specific championship win by that team.

4. Can player flags be valuable?

Yes, player flags can be valuable, especially if they were produced in limited quantities or commemorate a player’s significant achievements with the team.

5. Should I focus on collecting flags from one specific team?

It’s entirely up to you! Some collectors prefer to focus on one team and accumulate different flags and banners from that team’s history, while others choose to collect from multiple teams.

6. Can collecting NBA team flags be a profitable investment?

While some rare or highly sought-after flags can command high prices, collecting NBA team flags should be viewed as a hobby first and foremost. It’s best to collect flags that you enjoy and appreciate, rather than solely for the purpose of making a profit.

7. How should I properly display and store my NBA team flag collection?

Properly framing flags and banners can help preserve their condition and allow for easy display. It’s important to store flags in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and potential moisture. Acid-free tissue paper can also be used when storing flags long-term.

8. Where can I find NBA team flags to add to my collection?

A variety of sources can be tapped to find NBA team flags, including sports memorabilia shops, online auction sites, and collector conventions. Additionally, reaching out to other collectors can provide insight into potential sources for flags and banners.

9. What are some fun ways to display my NBA team flag collection?

Displaying flags in a dedicated sports room or framing them to hang on a wall are popular ways to showcase a collection. Additionally, arranging flags in a shadow box or creating a gallery wall can be visually interesting ways to display your collection.

10. Can I collect NBA team flags if I’m not a basketball fan?

Of course! Collecting NBA team flags can be enjoyable and rewarding regardless of your level of interest in basketball. Some flags may even have historical or artistic value beyond their sports significance.


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