Famous Tarot and Astrology Compatibility in Pop Culture

Astrology and tarot are age-old practices that continue to capture our imaginations today. People have been turning to the guidance of the stars and the cards for centuries, seeking insight into their lives and destinies. The fascinating thing is that these ancient practices have found their way into modern pop culture in many ways. In this article, we will explore famous examples of tarot and astrology compatibility in movies, TV shows, and music. From Practical Magic to American Horror Story: Coven and from The Beatles to Lana Del Rey, we will dive into the links between these mystical practices and the entertainment we love. Come with us on a journey through the stars and the cards, and see how they have influenced some of our favorite pop culture creations.


As we explore the intricate matchings of tarot and astrology compatibility, it’s no surprise that pop culture has picked up on this dynamic duo. From films to television shows, music and more, we see varying examples of tarot and astrology compatibility showcased in various art forms. Let’s take a closer look at some famous examples in the movie industry that align the stars in romantic relationships and supernatural powers. For a deeper understanding of the basics of tarot and astrology compatibility, head over to our introduction.

1. Practical Magic

“Practical Magic” is a cult classic movie released in 1998, based on a novel with the same name. This movie tells the story of an Owens family, known for the generations-old witchcraft practice. The two main characters, Sally and Gillian Owens, embody the archetypes of Scorpio and Leo signs of the zodiac, respectively. Sally, the Scorpio, is depicted as introverted, intuitive, and emotionally intense, while Gillian, the Leo, is passionate, independent, and dramatic.

The movie portrays the use of many tarot cards throughout the plotline. One of the most prominent cards is the Death card, which is commonly misinterpreted as a physical death, but in the tarot, it represents life changes and transitions. The Death card illustrates the transformation process that Sally goes through after the death of her husband. It symbolizes her coming to terms with her inner demons and transforming her life.

The movie deploys other tarot cards such as the Fool, High Priestess, and the Tower. Each of these cards represents different archetypes, and in the movie, they convey the necessary aspects of a witch’s journey. For instance, the Fool card is a representation of the beginning of the journey, the High Priestess card depicts the knowledge and intuition, and the Tower card represents the necessary destruction and chaos for change.

By exploring tarot and astrology, “Practical Magic” showcases how these ancient practices can be wonderfully interwoven into storytelling. It gives a glimpse of how the knowledge of tarot and astrology can be used to create an engaging narrative.

To learn more about tarot and astrology compatibility, check out our article on Tarot and Astrology Signs and Elements.

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” tarot and astrology are an integral part of the show’s magical themes. Sabrina Spellman, the show’s protagonist, is a half-witch, half-mortal who attends an academy for witches. Through her journey, Sabrina is depicted as regularly consulting her tarot cards and incorporating astrology into her spells.

One of the most significant instances of astrology in the show is the portrayal of the Dark Lord as the embodiment of the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The character is often referred to as the “Goat,” and his physical appearance reflects Capricorn’s goat-like qualities. Sabrina’s coven also conducts a ritual where they offer sacrifices to the Dark Lord during the winter solstice, which takes place under the sign of Capricorn.

As for tarot, Sabrina is shown to have a personal connection with the High Priestess card. In the show, the High Priestess represents intuition and hidden knowledge, which is fitting for Sabrina’s character as she often has premonitions and visions. The series also features the Judgement card, which Sabrina uses as a spell to communicate with the dead.

Overall, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is an excellent example of how tarot and astrology can be utilized in pop culture to enhance a storyline and build a magical world. This correlation between tarot and astrology represents the idea that the celestial bodies are interconnected with our daily lives and that their influence can shape our world in both small and significant ways.

If you’re interested in further exploring how tarot and astrology are connected, you can delve deeper into tarot’s major arcana astrological correspondences or understand how the minor arcana relates to astrology’s four elements. Additionally, you can learn more about matching tarot spreads with astrology charts or find out the dos and don’ts of mixing tarot and astrology. There are both pros and cons to incorporating both tarot and astrology into a relationship, and it’s essential to understand them before diving in.

3. Eat Pray Love

The movie “Eat Pray Love” is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir about her journey of self-discovery. It features Julia Roberts as Gilbert, who travels to Italy, India, and Bali in search of finding herself after a divorce. While in Bali, Gilbert meets a medicine man who uses tarot readings and astrology to help guide her on her path.

The scene shows Ketut Liyer, the medicine man, laying out tarot cards on the table and telling Gilbert about her past and future. He also mentions her astrological sign, Sagittarius, and how it relates to her journey. This shows how tarot and astrology can be used together to provide insights and guidance.

The use of tarot and astrology in the movie serves as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. It highlights the importance of understanding oneself and finding the right direction in life. This scene captures the essence of how tarot and astrology work together to provide clarity and insight to individuals.

This movie serves as a great example of how tarot and astrology can be used hand in hand. These practices can help individuals understand themselves better and provide guidance during difficult times. For more information about matching tarot spreads and astrology charts, check out our article on matching tarot spreads and astrology charts.

TV Shows

Exploring the intersection of tarot and astrology in pop culture, we’ll now shift our focus to TV shows. Some of the most iconic and memorable characters in recent years have been shaped by their shared astrological and tarot influences. From the bold and daring to the dark and mysterious, we’ll take a look at some of the most fascinating examples of these connections. So, let’s dive in and discover how these ancient practices have influenced some of the most popular TV shows in recent years. And if you’re interested in learning more about the correlation between tarot and astrology, you can check out our guide to the major arcana astrological correspondences or minor arcana astrology suits as well as our do’s and don’ts of tarot and astrology relationships and their potential pros and cons.

1. Sex and the City

One of the most famous TV shows that explores Tarot and Astrology compatibility in pop culture is Sex and the City. Throughout the series, the four main characters grapple with love, relationships, and finding their perfect match.

One prominent example of astrology compatibility in the show is the character of Charlotte York and her obsession with finding a husband. In one episode, Charlotte visits an astrologer to determine her perfect match based on her birth chart. The astrologer advises her to look for a Taurus, as they are the most compatible with her sign of Virgo.

Additionally, the character of Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a relationship column for a newspaper, often references astrology in her writing. She once wrote about how a Cancer man and Pisces woman are compatible due to their shared emotional nature.

Tarot is also featured in several episodes of the show. In season six, episode eight, titled “The Catch,” Carrie gets a Tarot card reading from a psychic named Kyra. The reading predicts that she will soon meet the man of her dreams, but also warns her that there will be obstacles in their relationship. This foreshadows the introduction of the character of Aleksandr Petrovsky, who becomes Carrie’s love interest but also causes significant tension in their relationship.

Overall, Sex and the City uses Tarot and Astrology compatibility to add depth to the characters and their relationships. It explores the idea that certain signs are more compatible than others and the idea of fate and destiny in people’s love lives.

Here is a table summarizing the astrology compatibility of the four main characters in Sex and the City:

Character Sign Most Compatible Sign
Carrie Bradshaw Pisces Cancer
Charlotte York Virgo Taurus
Miranda Hobbes Cancer Pisces
Samantha Jones Scorpio Cancer

2. Penny Dreadful

The TV show “Penny Dreadful” is set in Victorian London and revolves around a group of individuals that are brought together to fight supernatural creatures. Throughout the series, astrology and tarot play a significant role in the plot and character development.
One of the main characters, Vanessa Ives, is a spiritualist who uses both tarot and astrology to communicate with the dead and gain insight into her own destiny. Her complex personality is intricately linked to her Scorpio sun sign and her Moon in Pisces, which is emphasized through her connection to the tarot card The High Priestess.
Another character, Ethan Chandler, is a lycanthrope who struggles with his inner demons and his identity. His journey is linked to the tarot card The Devil, often associated with temptation and self-destructive behavior.
The character of Dorian Gray, who is immortal and ever-young, is associated with the tarot card The Fool, symbolizing new beginnings and taking risks. Additionally, the show depicts tarot readings and the use of astrology charts to predict future events and guide the characters.
Overall, “Penny Dreadful” utilizes tarot and astrology to deepen the characterization and add a sense of mysticism to the already eerie and supernatural plot.

TV Show Main Character Tarot Card Astrological Sign
Penny Dreadful Vanessa Ives The High Priestess Scorpio Sun, Moon in Pisces
Ethan Chandler The Devil No exact birthdate given, but associated with the Moon and Cancer
Penny Dreadful Dorian Gray The Fool No birthdate given, but associated with eternal youth and beauty

3. American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven is a popular TV show that prominently features tarot and astrology in its storyline. The show delves into the world of witches, their powers, and their struggles for dominance. Tarot cards are used to divinely guide the coven in decision-making, while astrology helps determine the power dynamics within the group.

One scene in the show features the character Zoe (played by Taissa Farmiga) performing a tarot reading for herself using the Rider-Waite tarot deck. The reading reveals the Three of Swords, the Tower, and Death cards, indicating heartbreak, turmoil, and transformation in her future. This foreshadows the events that unfold later in the season.

The character of Fiona (played by Jessica Lange) is the Supreme, the most powerful witch in the coven. Fiona’s power is linked to her astrological sign of Aries, which is associated with leadership and ambition. On the other hand, her prodigy Cordelia (played by Sarah Paulson) is a Libra, associated with balance and harmony, but lacks the assertiveness needed to lead the coven.

The relationship between Fiona and Cordelia is also mirrored in their tarot readings. Fiona draws the Tower card, symbolizing upheaval and destruction, while Cordelia draws the Temperance card, representing balance and harmony. This highlights the conflict between the two characters and the struggle for power within the group.

American Horror Story: Coven showcases the interplay between tarot and astrology in a fascinating and intricate manner. The use of these divination tools adds depth to the characters and their relationships, making the show a captivating watch for enthusiasts of both tarot and astrology.

TV Show Divination Tools Characters Astrological Sign Tarot Reading
American Horror Story: Coven Tarot and Astrology Fiona and Cordelia Aries (Fiona)
Libra (Cordelia)
Tower (Fiona)
Temperance (Cordelia)


As tarot and astrology have become increasingly popular, they have also made their way into the realm of music. From haunting melodies to upbeat anthems, various artists have been inspired by the mystical qualities of tarot and astrology. In this section, we will explore some of the most famous examples of tarot and astrology compatibility in the world of music. Let’s dive into the harmonious connections between these age-old practices and modern music.

1. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

The Beatles, one of the most influential bands in music history, also had a brush with Tarot and astrology in their music. Their song “Tomorrow Never Knows,” from their iconic album Revolver, features lyrics that were inspired by a book on the subject of death and rebirth called The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Alongside the psychedelic lyrics, the song is also notable for its innovative use of studio techniques, such as backwards recording and tape loops. This experimentation adds to the mystical and otherworldly vibe of the song, which is also reflected in its use of Tarot and astrology.

The lyrics of “Tomorrow Never Knows” speak of surrendering to the power of the universe and embracing the unknown. They reference the Wheel of Fortune tarot card in the lines “turn off your mind, relax and float downstream, it is not dying, it is not dying,” which suggests a surrender to the cyclical nature of existence.

Additionally, the song mentions astrology in the line “lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,” which can be interpreted as a reference to the concept of the void of course moon in astrology. This term refers to the period of time when the moon is transitioning between signs and is thought to be a time of confusion and uncertainty.

Overall, “Tomorrow Never Knows” showcases how Tarot and astrology can be incorporated into popular culture and music in innovative and thought-provoking ways. The Beatles’ experimentation with these concepts helped to elevate their lyrics and music to new heights and continue to inspire artists to this day.

Key Points: Analysis:
1. “Tomorrow Never Knows” inspired by The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Beatles drew inspiration from a book on death and rebirth, which reflects the song’s themes of surrendering to the universe and embracing change.
2. Innovative use of studio techniques The song’s use of backwards recording and tape loops adds to its mystical and otherworldly vibe.
3. References to Tarot and astrology The lyrics reference the Wheel of Fortune tarot card and the void of course moon in astrology, showcasing how these concepts can be incorporated into popular culture.

2. Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

One famous example of tarot and astrology compatibility shown in music is Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die.” The music video for this song features Lana in a romantic relationship with a tattooed man who also happens to be her lover and a tarot reader. The tarot reader is shown conducting a reading for Lana, and the cards he draws ultimately foreshadow the tragic end of their relationship.

It’s clear that the tarot cards in this video are not just for show, as they have a significant impact on the story being told. The cards themselves are specifically chosen to represent certain aspects of Lana’s character and the relationship she is in. For example, the Death card represents change, transformation, and the end of a cycle. This card is drawn multiple times throughout the video, and ultimately predicts the fate of the couple’s relationship.

Astrology also plays a role in the lyrics of the song, with Lana declaring that she was “born to be the other woman.” This can be interpreted as a reference to her Scorpio zodiac sign, which is associated with intensity, passion, and jealousy. Scorpios are said to be drawn to taboo relationships and have a natural sense of secrecy, which echoes the sentiment of the song.

Overall, “Born to Die” is a prime example of how tarot and astrology can be used in pop culture to add depth and meaning to a story. The careful selection of tarot cards and the nod to astrological compatibility in the lyrics highlight the tragic and tumultuous nature of the relationship being portrayed.

3. Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

One of the most famous examples of tarot and astrology compatibility in pop culture is Fleetwood Mac’s hit song “Rhiannon”. The song was inspired by the Welsh goddess Rhiannon, who was often associated with horses and birds: two symbols that are also present in tarot cards. In fact, the song’s lyrics are full of tarot references, including the “silver being” that appears to the protagonist in the first verse, which is reminiscent of the silver cups suit in tarot.

But it’s not just the lyrics that connect “Rhiannon” to tarot and astrology. The song’s melody and rhythm are also said to be influenced by the wheel of the zodiac, which is represented in tarot by the Major Arcana card “The Wheel of Fortune”. The name Rhiannon itself has astrological significance, as it is associated with the planet Venus, which rules over love and beauty.

Here are some of the lyrics from the song:

  • “All your life you’ve never seen a woman taken by the wind”
  • “She rules her life like a bird in flight”
  • “Would you stay if she promised you heaven?”
  • “Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and wouldn’t you love to love her?”

The song is not only a masterpiece of musical storytelling, but it’s also a perfect example of the deep connection between tarot, astrology, and pop culture. It shows how these ancient divination practices continue to influence modern-day art and music, and how they can enrich our understanding of the world around us.


After exploring the famous examples of tarot and astrology compatibility in pop culture, it’s clear that these mystical practices have made an impact in the entertainment industry. From movies to music, tarot and astrology have added a layer of intrigue and fascination for audiences.

One possible reason for their prevalence in pop culture could be the universal appeal of exploring the unknown and seeking guidance from external forces. Tarot and astrology offer opportunities for introspection, while simultaneously providing a means of understanding the future.

Despite some criticism, tarot and astrology have remained popular and relevant in our modern world. And whether or not you believe in their mystical powers, it’s undeniable that they have a significant cultural impact and have inspired artists and creators alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tarot and astrology compatibility?

Tarot and astrology compatibility is the study of how tarot cards and zodiac signs complement or conflict with each other in a relationship or a specific moment in time.

How can tarot and astrology compatibility help in relationships?

Tarot and astrology compatibility can provide insights into personality traits, communication styles, and potential challenges in relationships.

Can tarot and astrology compatibility predict the future?

No, tarot and astrology compatibility cannot predict the future with 100% accuracy. They can offer insights and potential outcomes based on current energies and influences.

What are the major arcana tarot cards?

The major arcana tarot cards are 22 cards that represent major life events and archetypes, such as The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment, and The World.

What are the astrological elements?

The astrological elements are fire, earth, air, and water. Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the four elements which represents their basic character traits.

What are the modalities in astrology?

The modalities in astrology are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. They describe the way in which each zodiac sign initiates, maintains, and adapts to change respectively.

What is the difference between sun sign and rising sign?

The sun sign is the zodiac sign associated with the day you were born while the rising sign, also known as the ascendant, is the zodiac sign that was rising above the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. The rising sign is said to influence how others perceive you while the sun sign represents your core identity.

What is the connection between tarot and astrology?

Tarot and astrology are interconnected as they both draw on symbolism and archetypes to provide insights and guidance. Each tarot card and zodiac sign is associated with specific meanings and correspondences that can be used in tarot readings and astrological charts.

Can tarot and astrology be used together in readings?

Yes, tarot and astrology can be used together in readings to provide a more holistic understanding of a situation or relationship. Tarot cards can be pulled based on an individual’s birth chart or transits to gain deeper insights into a specific moment in time.

What should be considered when using tarot and astrology compatibility in pop culture?

When examining tarot and astrology compatibility in pop culture, it is important to consider the accuracy and representation of such practices. It is also essential to understand that pop culture may use tarot and astrology for entertainment purposes rather than for their intended purposes.


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