Psychic Source Review (2023) – Legitimate or Potential Scam?

In the realm of psychic services, Psychic Source stands out as a well-established and reputable option, boasting over three decades of experience. However, the initial requirement of purchasing a minimum of 10 minutes of service might raise concerns for those unsure about the accuracy of the psychics.

My comprehensive examination aimed to determine the reliability of Psychic Source’s advisors, and it revealed that these practitioners possess extensive years of practice. For individuals seeking assurance, perusing customer reviews becomes a helpful tool to gauge the accuracy of each psychic.

Additionally, Psychic Source assures a full 100% satisfaction guarantee for dissatisfied users. This policy reflects the platform’s commitment to preventing any unfavorable encounters or negative outcomes.

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Variety of Readings on Psychic Source

Psychic Source’s advisors extend various communication options, including chat, video, and phone readings. This diverse selection accommodates individual comfort levels, which is something I value in a service.

The readings on the platform are categorized into Types of Readings and Types of Psychics, avoiding overwhelming choices. Psychic Source primarily concentrates on commonly sought-after readings, encompassing:

Angel & Tarot Card Readings

A specialty of Psychic Source lies in card readings, particularly tarot. The platform boasts a substantial collection of 4 and 5-star psychics adept at card interpretations. Additionally, Psychic Source offers cartomancy readings, setting it apart from other similar services.

Astrology and Numerology Readings

Similar to other psychic platforms, Psychic Source features readers proficient in astrology and numerology. Users can opt for specialized readings, such as those focused on love or career, utilizing these tools. Alternatively, users can select general readings to explore various aspects of their lives.

Energy Work

For those inclined towards energy work, Psychic Source presents an opportunity to address emotional barriers and traumas. This type of reading aims at physical and spiritual healing, safeguarding one’s aura against negativity and facilitating chakra alignment.

Spiritual Readings

Psychic Source accommodates individuals seeking guidance solely from a psychic’s innate abilities. Spiritual readings delve into the authentic self, offering insights into work, love, and personal matters. While the number of specialized psychics in this category is limited, it streamlines the process of selecting the right practitioner.

Love Readings

With an impressive array of over 150 love psychics, Psychic Source caters to those concerned about matters of the heart. Most advisors in this category boast a 5-star rating, each utilizing distinct tools and talents. The platform’s filtering options facilitate precise selections.

Dream Interpretation

Interpreting messages from dreams can be challenging, prompting engagement with a psychic. Psychic Source features more than 35 psychics skilled in dream analysis, ensuring a suitable match for users seeking dream insights.

Past Life Readings

Psychic Source offers a unique approach to addressing current challenges rooted in past lives. Advisors delve into users’ subconscious, unearthing valuable information to aid personal growth.

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Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
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Booking a Reading – Steps

1. Account Creation

Commence by clicking the ‘Sign In’ button on Psychic Source’s homepage. This leads to the login screen, where you can either create a new account or log in.

Account Creation


2. Psychic Selection

Navigate to ‘Our Psychics’ and utilize the ‘Filter’ function to refine psychic options based on communication methods, tools, specialties, reading styles, or star ratings.

Find a Psychic

3. Connecting with a Psychic

Click on a psychic’s profile to access their background, availability, and communication choices. From there, schedule a future reading or engage in an immediate session if the psychic is available.

Connecting with a Psychic

4. Attending the Reading

Upon connecting with your chosen psychic, you’ll receive a notification indicating their presence. A countdown timer displays the remaining time. Replenishing credits or ending the session can be done seamlessly.

5. Rating the Experience

Following the reading, you have the chance to rate the psychic’s performance. Favorited psychics can be easily accessed through their profile heart icon for future consultations.

Trustworthiness of Psychic Source – Affirmative

Psychic Source establishes its trustworthiness through a satisfaction guarantee, evident from its homepage. Dissatisfied users can request credits for a subsequent reading. The platform’s extensive history spanning three decades reinforces its reliability.

Additionally, customer reviews and biographies aid in evaluating each psychic’s approach and accuracy. While the site lacks transparency regarding its psychic selection process, the focus on reviews ensures user-driven trust. Notably, all transactions and readings remain confined to the Psychic Source platform, safeguarding personal information.

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Availability of Mobile App – Yes

Psychic Source offers a

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convenient mobile app compatible with Android and IOS devices. This app allows scheduling appointments or seeking quick guidance through direct messages. On-the-go users benefit from timely notifications regarding favorite psychic availability and upcoming appointments.

Mobile App

Customer Support

Psychic Source’s 24/7 customer support caters to users’ needs promptly. Contact options include email and live chat assistance. Both avenues proved effective during my interaction, with the live chat option delivering immediate responses.

The platform’s customer care section features rapid links addressing common queries, accompanied by a detailed FAQ section.

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Pricing Structure

Fresh Psychic Source users can enjoy an introductory rate of $0.66 per minute, contingent on purchasing a 10, 20, or 30-minute package. Subsequent readings involve reloading your account with a preferred amount. New users are also granted the first 3 minutes for free.

Pricing Structure

Notable Aspects

Auditory Previews

Psychic profiles offer the unique feature of an auditory message preview, granting insight into the psychic’s style beyond written reviews and credentials.

Reading Scheduling

Psychic Source permits scheduling readings for a later time, which is beneficial when a selected psychic isn’t currently available.

Favorites Selection

The ‘Favorite’ tool simplifies the process of selecting suitable psychics, and streamlining searches based on preferences.

Horoscope Readings

Psychic Source extends free horoscope readings, accessible via the main menu, catering to users curious about their yearly forecasts.

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FAQs on Psychic Source

Is Psychic Source secure?

Psychic Source maintains a strong reputation supported by reviews and a satisfaction guarantee, bolstering user confidence. Its lengthy operation history further reinforces its reliability.

Are Psychic Source readings accurate?

Accurate readings are indicated through psychic biographies and user reviews. However, aligning the reading type and psychic specialization with one’s needs ensures precision.

What types of readings are available on Psychic Source?

Psychic Source features an array of reading categories, including conventional areas like relationships and career, along

What are the costs for Psychic Source readings?

The average reading costs around $12 per minute, with variations. New users enjoy an introductory rate, paying less than $1 per minute initially, along with the first 3 minutes free.

Final Verdict

Psychic Source’s enduring 30-year presence testifies to its credibility. With a wide array of experienced psychics and diverse readings accommodating different budgets, the platform offers a free trial period. Additionally, the option for video calls provides a face-to-face experience. Overall, Psychic Source’s user-friendly features facilitate finding and scheduling consultations with trustworthy psychics. The satisfaction guarantee underscores the platform’s commitment to user contentment.

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