Review of California Psychics (2023): Trustworthiness and Services Evaluation

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For over 25 years, California Psychics has been a well-established platform providing quality psychic services. Renowned for its stringent screening process, it boasts some of the finest psychics available. However, newcomers to the virtual psychic scene might feel uncertain about transitioning to such a site.

If you’re wondering about the platform’s authenticity, I can confidently vouch for California Psychics’ reliability and safety. After a comprehensive assessment of the site and its readers, I am confident that you’ll find its services to be user-friendly, professional, and remarkably accurate.

Furthermore, California Psychics offers introductory packages at $1, $2, and $4 per minute, making it affordable to get started. Additionally, the platform offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring a worry-free reading experience.

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Reading Categories on California Psychics

California Psychics offers an extensive array of reading themes to ensure a fulfilling session. Hover over “Psychic Topics” to explore themes and avoid sifting through incompatible psychics.

Additionally, you can filter readers based on preferred psychic tools, such as tarot, astrology, or numerology. However, many psychics solely rely on their innate abilities without tools.

Love and Relationships

Love and relationship readings provide clarity for matters of the heart. When facing dilemmas about whether to continue or move on, a love psychic can offer objective insights. These experienced readers, with over a decade of experience, provide reliable advice.

Reviews highlight clients’ appreciation for the depth of insight offered by these psychics, helping them navigate challenging situations effectively. Clients can select compassionate, direct, or inspirational love psychics, matching their preferred delivery style.

Career Guidance

Overcoming career stagnation can be frustrating. A career psychic can offer valuable insights and momentum for lasting change. With more than 200 reputable career psychics, you’ll find an advisor aligned with your energy.

Expect your session to identify energy blocks hindering your career progress and gain insight into these obstacles. Psychics can suggest alternative career paths and even make predictions. These practical insights are invaluable when feeling lost in career matters.

Destiny and Life Path

Life Path readings provide guidance on your purpose in this lifetime. If you’re struggling to understand your life’s purpose, highly-rated psychics can provide authentic assistance.

These readings help align you with your best life path and predict your future based on these choices. Clients report awakening to their life’s greater purpose through these sessions.

Other Categories Available

  • Pet Readings: Gain insight into your pet’s feelings, happiness, potential changes, and health concerns.
  • Past-Life: Explore connections to past lives and their impact on your current life and interests.
  • Mediumship: Connect with departed loved ones for closure and reassurance.
  • Lost Objects/People: Receive psychic information about missing items or individuals when conventional leads have run dry.

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Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
Card 1
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Booking a Reading

Upon matching with a recommended psychic via the psychic match tool, set up an account and fund it. The process is straightforward:

1. Create an Account

Register on desktop or app. Input email, password, and birthdate, ensuring privacy. An Apple or Facebook account can also be used.

Take advantage of the app’s
Take advantage of the app’s on-the-go features by creating an account

2. Choose a Reader

Browse psychic categories on the homepage or use filters. Profiles provide photos, ratings, reviews, abilities, rates, and more.

Read through your selected psychic’s
Read through your selected psychic’s client reviews to feel confident in your decision

3. Schedule a Session

Select “Chat Now” or “Talk Now” when your chosen reader is available. Alternatively, use the scheduling feature for advanced bookings.

Easily schedule your session
Easily schedule your session in advance and never wait in queue for your reader

Is California Psychics Reliable? Yes

With a history spanning over two decades, California Psychics has built a solid reputation. Its success is attributed to trustworthiness, quality service, and a strict vetting process.

California Psychics’ acceptance rate is only 2%, resulting from rigorous interviews and assessments. The site continues monitoring new psychics for 90 days after onboarding. Star ratings and customer reviews further enhance transparency.

The platform’s higher rates per minute are offset by the Karma Rewards Program, introductory offers, and satisfaction guarantee.

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Mobile App Availability

The California Psychics app
The California Psychics app is intuitive and straightforward to use

California Psychics provides a free app compatible with iOS and Android devices. The user-friendly app offers remote readings and various features:

  1. Securely fund your account
  2. Browse diverse categories
  3. Connect instantly with

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  4. Utilize search filters for tailored choices
  5. Psychic Match Tool for personalized recommendations
Enjoy free daily horoscopes
Enjoy free daily horoscopes on the For You page of the app

Pricing Details

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Rates on California Psychics vary but generally range from $4 to $15 per minute. Newcomers enjoy three introductory packages: $1, $2, and $4 per minute. Different reader tiers correspond to these rates, ensuring experienced advisors in the popular and premium categories.

The Karma Rewards Program grants a $20 credit upon sign-up, free astrology reports, and points for each reading. The “Auto-Reload” feature adds 5 more minutes of reading time automatically upon depletion, with a 10% bonus.

Benefit from additional savings
Benefit from additional savings with its Karma Rewards program

Customer Support

Customer support is accessible via toll-free phone or contact form, though non-US users may incur fees. The FAQ section answers many queries quickly. Contact support within 24 hours of a reading for refund claims.

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FAQs on California Psychics

What Sets California Psychics Apart?

Unique features include the Karma Rewards Program, in-app tools, and user-friendly experience. The Karma Rewards Program offers credits, a free birth chart, and promotions. The app includes extensive filters, the “For You” tab, and the Psychic Match Tool.

Is California Psychics Secure?

Yes, the platform is safe due to secure payments, satisfaction guarantees, and stringent screening processes that reject 98% of applicants.

Average Reading Cost on California Psychics?

Rates range from $4 to $15 per minute. Introductory offers start at $1 per minute, with affordable, popular, and premium packages. The Karma Rewards Program offers further savings.

Psychic Accuracy on the Platform

While not guaranteed, advisors are screened rigorously, and a majority of them have positive reviews. Clients should research psychics and use the satisfaction guarantee if necessary.

What to Expect from a Reading?

Each reading is unique, personalized to the client’s situation. A focused question is recommended for efficient sessions. Delivery style preference (compassionate or direct) is important.


California Psychics is a reputable platform with a long history of providing reliable psychic services. Its strict screening, secure app, and satisfaction guarantee make it a trustworthy choice.

Rates are competitive, and promotions, like the Karma Rewards Program, help lower costs. For those seeking quality psychic insights and personalized guidance, California Psychics is recommended. Test the service with the $1/minute offer and receive trustworthy advice from skilled psychics at any time.

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