Reviewing PathForward Psychics in 2023 – A Trustworthy and Legitimate Choice?

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Navigating life’s complexities in today’s world can be quite challenging. Among the numerous online psychic reading platforms, PathForward stands out as a promising option for those seeking genuine and accurate psychic insights, thanks to its solid reputation and stringent selection process. But does it truly justify your time and investment?

After conducting a thorough assessment of the platform and its advisors, I can confidently assert that PathForward is a reliable destination for your psychic needs. What left a lasting impression on me was the caliber of its advisors, who possess a strong psychic connection and exhibit genuine warmth. Equally noteworthy was their eagerness to assist with my concerns.

While PathForward does require a minimum deposit of $10, they offer the enticing perk of your first 3 minutes being free of charge. Furthermore, newcomers benefit from a 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring you that your investment is safeguarded.

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Variety of Readings Available on PathForward

PathForward offers a diverse range of psychic readings, including the option to receive readings in both English and Spanish, which I found commendable.

Generally, the pricing for psychic readings ranges from $1.00 (an introductory rate for new users) to rates below $10. Additionally, first-time users enjoy 3 free minutes at the outset, which is a generous gesture.

Career & Finance

PathForward boasts a roster of over 40 psychics who specialize in career and financial readings. Each advisor provides a detailed profile that outlines their availability, time zone, reading style, and preferred method of communication. The platform’s rating and review section allows clients to peruse both positive and negative feedback left by previous customers.

Each psychic possesses a unique set of gifts and employs distinct tools, all of which can be viewed on their profiles. A career and finance psychic can be invaluable when you’re at a career crossroads or seeking to enhance your financial situation.

Family & Relationships

A family and relationships reading on PathForward can assist with coping with the loss of a loved one or offer guidance on various family-related matters. While the platform does not delete negative reviews, it’s worth noting that some clients have expressed dissatisfaction with inaccurate readings. Nevertheless, many users commend the compassion and astonishing accuracy of the family and relationships psychics. One reviewer even shared how a psychic helped her reconcile with her son.

Love, Intimacy & Romance

With over 50 psychics specializing in love, intimacy, and romance, it’s evident that this is one of the most sought-after categories on PathForward. Whether you seek guidance, clarity, or solace for a broken heart, love and relationship readings are readily available.

PathForward’s psychics employ a variety of approaches, from warm and compassionate to direct and candid. However, all advisors on the platform are seasoned professionals, ensuring the utmost privacy and personalized guidance.

Self-Discovery & Wellness

A unique category on PathForward is self-love and care psychic readings. These sessions can range from clearing chakras to helping individuals cope with internalized negative emotions, leaving clients feeling lighter and rejuvenated.
The non-judgmental and empathetic nature of the platform’s advisors creates a safe space for unburdening oneself. The authenticity and sincerity of these gifted individuals can be a significant source of support for those experiencing feelings of sadness, depression, or loneliness.


Spiritual readings on PathForward offer an opportunity to reconnect with intuition and rekindle faith in higher powers. Such readings have proven effective in overcoming mental barriers and revitalizing one’s spiritual self.
You have access to more than 35 genuine spiritual advisors with strong spiritual connections. Many reviews underscore how spiritual readings leave individuals feeling recharged and reinvigorated.

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Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
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How to Schedule a Reading?

1. Create an Account: Visit PathForward’s homepage and click the “Sign In” button to access the login screen. Here, you can either create a new account or log in. Subsequently, you’ll be prompted to select your introductory offer and make a payment.

special offer for new users
PathForward has a special offer for new users

2. Find a Psychic: Click on the “Our Psychics” button, followed by the “Filter” button, which allows you to narrow down psychics by subject, abilities, tools, communication method, and language.

You can filter for psychics
You can filter for psychics by subjects, gifts, tools, communication, and even language

3. Connect with a Psychic: By clicking on a psychic’s profile, you can learn more about them and explore available contact options. From there, you can book a reading for a future time or receive one immediately, depending on the psychic’s availability.

good selection of multi-talented psychics
The site has a good selection of multi-talented psychics

Is PathForward Reliable? Absolutely

In essence, PathForward can be entrusted with your spiritual journey. The platform employs a rigorous selection process that requires prospective psychics to undergo extensive evaluations before offering their services. This commitment to stringent criteria ensures that only a select few psychics meet the platform’s high standards, resulting in a more intimate and discerning group of advisors available on PathForward.

With their rigorous training and screening, you can have confidence that any information shared with your chosen psychic will remain confidential.

What further instills confidence in the platform is its 100% satisfaction guarantee. This policy guarantees a refund if you are dissatisfied with the quality of your reading, provided that you submit your refund request within 24 hours. This demonstrates PathForward’s dedication to delivering dependable and trustworthy psychic readings to individuals seeking guidance.

Enhancing my trust in the platform is its rating system, which allows clients to assess psychic advisors. Following my exploration of the website, I observed a balanced collection of reviews, indicating the platform’s commitment to transparency, even when feedback is critical.

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Is There a Mobile App? Yes

PathForward offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access readings from anywhere, provided you have a mobile device and an internet connection.

I personally tried

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the app on both iPhone and iPad, and I found the interface on both devices to be well-designed and user-friendly. You can effortlessly discover psychics, schedule appointments, send direct messages, and engage in chat or phone conversations with just a tap.

PathForward’s mobile app
PathForward’s mobile app lets you make use of a variety of features

The app also features a valuable resource section called “The Tea,” where you can explore articles and guides covering topics such as love and relationships, spiritual experiences, and more. Additionally, the app provides daily and weekly horoscopes that are regularly updated, along with the convenience of consulting PathForward’s highly-talented astrologers without leaving the app.


PathForward adopts a per-minute pricing model, allowing psychics to set their own rates, which may vary. Rates typically commence at $1.00 per minute and may reach a maximum of $8.00 per minute. Given the quality of the psychics available on PathForward, these rates are competitive in comparison to other platforms.

For first-time users, PathForward offers an enticing promotion: 3 free minutes with the purchase of a minimum 10-minute reading for $10. This flexibility allows you to utilize your minutes as you see fit.

Customer Support

PathForward offers multiple channels for contacting their customer support team. You can utilize the website’s ticketing system, requiring you to provide a description of your issue, your name, and your email address. The ticketing system generally yields a response within 24 hours.

Furthermore, a live support function is available, which I personally found convenient. It involves providing your name and email address before sending your message. In my experience, the agent responded promptly, maintaining a polite and friendly demeanor throughout. While the availability of this chat service around the clock is not specified, it provides a quick means of assistance.

PathForward also offers a contact number, primarily intended for users in the United States. Additionally, the company provides a P.O. box and physical address for written correspondence.

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FAQs about PathForward

Is my information secure with PathForward?

Yes, PathForward places a strong emphasis on data security. The platform maintains strict hiring policies, featuring only top-tier advisors. Given the genuine nature of the advisors on PathForward, you can trust that all interactions between you and your psychic will remain confidential.

This level of confidentiality is crucial because psychics often handle a person’s most intimate and sensitive information. Rest assured that PathForward’s advisors will never disclose your details to external parties.

Does PathForward offer free psychic readings?

No, PathForward does not offer free psychic readings. The platform prioritizes providing access to the best advisors, which does not align with offering free services. However, as a new customer, you can enjoy 3 free minutes upon purchasing a minimum of 10 minutes, thanks to a special promotion.

Furthermore, PathForward maintains competitive pricing, with rates starting at $1.00 per minute for newcomers, ensuring that you can obtain an accurate psychic reading without breaking the bank.

How can I ensure a quality psychic reading on PathForward?

You can enhance the quality of your psychic reading by selecting an advisor who specializes in your desired area. All psychics featured on PathForward are highly talented individuals with a sincere commitment to helping others. However, they each possess unique areas of expertise and employ distinct tools to provide guidance.

Another strategy is to choose from the various delivery methods available. Some psychics are direct in their approach, while others provide more gradual guidance. Nevertheless, they all share a genuine and empathetic demeanor and are determined to assist you.

Additionally, PathForward offers a combination of live chat and telephone readings. Live chat readings afford you the time to carefully consider each question and response, while telephone readings offer a more immersive experience, allowing direct communication with your chosen psychic.

In Conclusion

PathForward stands out as an easily accessible platform with competitive rates. Although the roster of psychics may appear limited, the stringent hiring policy ensures the presence of high-quality advisors. I personally felt a profound and authentic connection when engaging with PathForward’s psychic readers. Furthermore, the user-friendly website and comprehensive collection of supplementary materials make it a commendable choice for those seeking psychic insights

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