Reviewing Keen Psychics (2023): Legitimate Service or Worthless Time?

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Keen, a well-known psychic platform, offers a broad range of reading themes and skilled psychics to provide enlightening insights. While the uncertainty of online psychic services can make spending money feel risky due to potential accuracy issues, Keen stands out due to its transparent reader profiles and appealing introductory offers. This makes Keen a reliable psychic platform to consider, offering both safety and a satisfaction guarantee if authentic advice isn’t received.

A notable advantage of Keen is the simple access to compassionate psychics through their introductory offer. This offer allows you to receive the first 5 minutes for just $1, enabling you to test the waters and gain personal insights at a lower cost.

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Variety of Readings on Keen

Keen impresses with its extensive selection of over 20 reading themes. These diverse options cater to finding the right specialist for your needs, enhancing the value of your session by ensuring specialized advice from the chosen reader.

Through Keen, you can connect with advisors through chat, call, and even email for some readers, accommodating various preferences and busy schedules with the option to book sessions in advance.

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Love and Relationships

Keen’s love and relationship experts offer clear insights into the potential of your connections and assist in healing romantic relationships. The guidance provided aids in determining whether relationships are worth fighting for or if your energy is better invested elsewhere.

With over 150 readers available in this category, most maintaining ratings of 4.5 stars or higher, the platform assures accurate guidance through various situations. Specialized advice within this category covers breakups, divorce, infidelity, and soulmate connections, providing comprehensive insights.

Financial Outlook

Navigating finances can be stressful without a clear vision. Keen’s financial outlook psychics offer impartial advice to alleviate monetary concerns. With a pool of over 40 financial psychics, you can select the best fit to address your worries.

This theme extends beyond finances to offer career-related advice, aiding in identifying a career path aligned with your purpose and guiding career changes.

Psychic Readings

The psychic readings category is suitable for seeking general advice on life’s pressing matters. With the ability to address multiple aspects of your life and provide guidance on various subjects, this category accommodates diverse concerns.

Over 100 of the 200+ psychics specializing in this category boast extensive experience, including readers who have been on Keen for over a decade and conducted numerous readings. This experience lends credibility and comfort to psychic readings.

Notably, psychics in this theme possess diverse talents, allowing you to choose readers with specific gifts that resonate with your needs, such as clairvoyance for those preferring visionary insights.

Additional Reading Categories

Keen offers various other categories to explore. For essential decisions, the life questions category instills confidence, while Tarot readings provide visual reinforcement to psychic insights, with over 50 tarot readers available. Astrology readings offer timed predictions and self-discovery, while pet readings foster stronger bonds and closure. Angel readings provide a direct connection to guiding energies, often from experienced readers with over a decade on the platform.

In Angel readings, expect heartfelt advice that promotes feelings of love and appreciation.

Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
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Booking a Reading

To reserve a reading session on Keen, you’ll need to create an account, select a psychic, and schedule your session. Prior to signing up, it’s important to decide on your preferred reading category and communication method.

1. Account Creation

You can easily create a Keen account through mobile or desktop. On the mobile app, access the “Account” tab at the bottom of the screen. For desktop, click the “Register” button on the upper right of the homepage.

Keen makes it easy to join the platform from anywhere

Once you’re redirected, you can either sign up with a Google/Apple account or create one from scratch for better privacy. Keen’s account creation process is simpler than other platforms and the 5 minutes for $1 introductory offer is automatically linked when you add funds.

Adding funds on the app is straightforward: select the “Account” tab and click “Add Funds” next to your balance. Link a credit/debit card or use PayPal.

Choosing a Psychic

Keen’s organized interface makes finding a psychic hassle-free. On the desktop, select your desired reading category and advisor. On the app, explore readers by category or use “Get Matched” to save time.

The advisor profiles on Keen
The advisor profiles on Keen are informative and make the selection process easier

Detailed reader profiles provide essential information, including a photo, star ratings, reviews, complete readings, and tenure on Keen. Many also include a description, background, specialties, and skills to match your criteria.

Scheduling a Reading

To book, click “Chat Now” or “Call Now” on the reader’s profile. Instant connection is a plus. For tight schedules, schedule ahead or join a reader’s waitlist

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Keen keeps all personal information confidential
Keen keeps all personal information confidential while connecting with an advisor

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Is Keen Reliable?

Having tried various psychic platforms, Keen stands out for its trustworthiness. It’s gained patrons’ faith for over 15 years due to transparent profiles, clear pricing, and accessible reviews. The platform’s rigorous screening ensures credible psychics, boosting confidence.

Mobile App

Keen’s app
Keen’s app is user-friendly and geared towards convenience

Keen’s app, compatible with Android/iOS, enables easy global reader connections. It’s user-friendly and includes the “Get Matched” tool for quick compatibility. Bookmarking favorites and accessing unique features are added benefits.

Keen’s app
Keen’s app makes it easy to organize top readers to save time from browsing


Keen’s pricing varies but is competitive. Newcomers enjoy 5 minutes for $1. Rates range from $1.99 to $9.99+ per minute, with the average around $2.99 to $14.99 per minute. Keen Rewards Program offers savings.

Customer Support

Contact support via the website form. While FAQs are helpful, live chat or a support line is missing. Refunds within 72 hours get $25 Keen credits.

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FAQs on Keen Psychics

What’s Unique About Keen?

Its intuitive app and compelling introductory offers set Keen apart. The app’s secure, enabling easy advisor connections. Intro offers, like 5 minutes for $1 or 10 minutes for $1.99, stand out.

Refund Policy

Keen has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Request up to $25 Keen credits for a dissatisfactory reading. One refund every 30 days for conversations in the past 72 hours.

Do You Need to Deposit Funds First?

You can browse without depositing, but to read, add funds. Ensure the right fit before depositing.

Keen’s Screening Process

Keen’s thorough process evaluates applicants’ skills, including checks, verification, and skill tests. The claims can’t be verified but reflect commitment.

Phrasing Questions to Psychics

Open-ended, specific questions yield better insights. Avoid overly narrow or vague queries.

In Conclusion

Keen is reputable, boasting a strong track record in psychic services. Competitive rates, a convenient app, and highly rated readers make it a reliable choice. Some app-website disparities exist, but Keen’s accuracy remains consistent. The introductory offer is a great way to experience quality readings.

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