Top 10 Online Psychic Reading Platforms of 2023: Reliable and Accurate Services

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In today’s era, seeking clarity and guidance no longer demands in-person meetings with psychic advisors. The internet offers a plethora of online options. However, distinguishing which online psychic platform genuinely offers the insights you seek can be challenging.

Our team consistently evaluates numerous online psychic reading sites and apps, identifying those that are most likely to uplift you and provide positive guidance.

Our recommended sites offer a diverse range of reading topics and methods. These platforms carefully vet their psychic readers to ensure they offer the desired support. Among them, California Psychics stands out as the winner due to its extensive selection of psychic readers and user-friendly interface.

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Best Online Psychic Reading Sites in 2023

1. California Psychics – Leading Choice for Quality Psychic Readings

interface of the californiapsychics service

Discover California Psychics >

  • Renowned psychics available worldwide
  • Readings via phone, video, or chat
  • Provides tarot, astrology, runes, and more
  • Starting rate of $1 for new users
  • 100% safe with satisfaction guarantee

California Psychics claims the top spot for online psychic readings, offering an array of services like tarot, astrology, and numerology. Notably, the platform categorizes its psychics based on their reading styles—inspirational, compassionate, or straightforward.

With numerous gifted psychics to explore, the site streamlines the selection process using filters, comprehensive reviews, and a quiz. All psychics undergo rigorous screening to ensure quality.

The platform covers a wide range of topics, including love, money, success, pets, and connecting with departed loved ones. Whether you seek a tarot reading, clairvoyant session, or mediumship, California Psychics has it all. The convenience of calling or chatting from home, scheduling appointments, and accessing free resources further enhances the experience.

While some top-tier psychics may be costly, new users can access rates as low as $1 per minute (excluding top-rated psychics) and benefit from a Karma Rewards program. Additionally, California Psychics offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring credit for unsatisfactory readings.

2. Purple Garden – Convenient Psychic Readings Anytime, Anywhere

interface of the purplegarden service

Discover Purple Garden >

  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Readings via call, chat, or video
  • Offers tarot, astrology, and more
  • Introductory videos on psychic profiles
  • 4% cashback on every reading

Purple Garden provides accessible psychic readings through its mobile app, enabling users to enjoy readings on the go. The platform’s psychics boast thousands of genuine customer reviews, instilling confidence in their authenticity. Each psychic profile features an introductory video, facilitating a sense of familiarity before interacting.

While Purple Garden’s website lacks extensive features, it offers a diverse range of reading types, from Reiki to spiritual healing. The platform also presents a desktop app for more in-depth readings at home, complete with scheduling options. New users are welcomed with a $10 credit and 4% cashback on every purchase.

3. Keen – Easy Psychic Selection with the ‘Find a Psychic’ Tool

interface of the keen service

Discover Keen >

  • Established reputation of 20 years
  • Contact psychics via call or chat
  • Offers tarot, cartomancy, and pet readings
  • Innovative ‘Find a psychic’ tool
  • First 5 minutes for $1

Keen simplifies psychic selection with its ‘Find a psychic’ filter tool, streamlining the process. Detailed profiles and recent customer reviews accompany thousands of reputable and longstanding psychics, making the site user-friendly.

The platform provides diverse readings, from love and career to pet and cartomancy readings. Keen supports both call and chat interactions, offers appointment scheduling, and boasts a mobile app for iOS and Android.

While Keen lacks a refund policy, its reader authenticity and transparent pricing contribute to its appeal. New users enjoy competitive rates, with an introductory offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 or 5 minutes for $1.

4. Psychic Source – Extensive Selection of Psychic Readers

interface of the psychicsource service

Discover Psychic Source >

  • Stringent screening process
  • Readings via phone, live chat, and video call
  • Offers a wide array of readings
  • Gifted psychics with numerous reviews
  • First 5 minutes free

Psychic Source excels with a vast collection of online readings. The platform includes angel readings, tarot, runes, past life readings, and more. Experienced psychics garner thousands of positive customer reviews, enhancing credibility.

Psychic Source offers versatile interaction methods—phone, chat, and video calls—while its user-friendly search and filter options facilitate connections. Although its screening process falls short of California Psychics’, a satisfaction guarantee underscores quality assurance.

New users benefit from an introductory offer of $0.66 per minute plus the first 5 minutes free.

5. PathForward – Diverse Psychic Services with Spiritual Focus

interface of the pathforward service

Discover PathForwar >

  • Star rating system for psychics
  • Connection via phone or chat
  • Transcripts of readings available
  • Uniform rates for all readers
  • 24/7 customer support

PathForward emphasizes spiritual and healing readings alongside traditional services. Psychic profiles include authentic reviews and star ratings, reflecting the platform’s commitment to quality.

While lacking video readings, PathForward supports convenient online chats. Users can direct message psychics to assess compatibility before purchasing a reading. New users receive 3% rewards on purchases, competitive introductory rates, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

6. Kasamba – Extensive Array of World-Class Psychics

interface of the kasamba service

Discover Kasamba >

  • Strong reputation
  • Accessible via phone or chat
  • Vast selection of accurate readers
  • Clear rating system
  • 50% off initial reading

Kasamba boasts a reputable status, featuring top-tier psychics, including those serving celebrity clients and government officials. With hundreds of readers and thousands of positive reviews, the platform offers a wide range of readings.

Kasamba covers various categories, from clairvoyance and tarot to unique subjects like pets, dream analysis, and numerology. While prices differ, transparent information is available. New users enjoy 3 free minutes and a 50% discount on their first reading.

7. Oranum – Live Video Psychic Readings

interface of the oranum service

Discover Oranum >

  • Wide spectrum of psychics
  • Readings via video or chat
  • Search and filter tools
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Offers for new customers

Oranum stands out with live video readings, requiring its psychics to host free sessions regularly. Users can observe psychics’ abilities and communication style before engaging. The platform features a broad selection of gifted psychics for private video readings.

While solely offering video readings, Oranum spans an array of services, including sound baths and pet psychics. Filter tools streamline selection, and special offers await new users, with 10,000 free coins upon sign-up.

8. Everclear – Uplifting and Accurate Readings

interface of the everclear service

Discover Everclear >

  • Rigorous screening and evaluation
  • Connection via call or chat
  • Wide range of services
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generous offers for new customers

Everclear radiates positivity, offering a range of readings supported by stringent screening. The site features an intuitive interface, enhancing the user experience. While pricing transparency can be improved, new users receive 3 minutes free.

9. Mysticsense – Abundance of Free Resources Alongside Psychic Readings

interface of the mysticsense service

Discover Mysticsense >

  • Effective filtering tools
  • Video readings available
  • Extensive array of services
  • Refund policy for dissatisfaction
  • 24/7 chat support

Mysticsense offers a wide variety of services, from traditional tarot readings to grief counseling and energy healing. Psychic profiles include detailed information, and video readings facilitate a personal connection.

Mysticsense stands out with a refund policy for unsatisfactory readings. New users enjoy the first 5 minutes free, competitive rates, and occasional promotions.

10. PsychicOz – Value-Oriented Psychic Readings

interface of the psychicoz service

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  • Affordable options for frequent readings
  • Video readings available
  • Diverse selection of topics
  • Abundance of bilingual readers
  • 100% guaranteed refunds

PsychicOz caters to frequent readings with affordability. The platform covers various topics, from love to career, offering different reading types. The platform prides itself on transparency and user satisfaction, guaranteeing refunds if unsatisfied.

New users enjoy a discount for initial readings and occasional promotions, along with a selection of rates.

Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
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Comparison: Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

New User Offers Reader Verification Face-to-Face Option Satisfaction Guarantee
California Psychics Discounted minutes, rewards program Rigorous screening, ratings, and reviews No Yes
Purple Garden $10 credit Transparent ratings, reviews, video intros Yes No
Keen Psychics First 5 minutes for $1 or 10 minutes for $1.99 Comprehensive ratings, recent reviews No Yes
Psychic Source $0.66 per minute plus first 5 minutes free Stringent screening, reviews, star ratings Yes Yes
PathForward $0.83 per minute plus first 5 minutes free Scrutiny, reviews, video intros, qualifications No Yes
Kasamba 50% off initial reading, 3 free minutes Clear ratings, reviews, qualifications No Yes
Oranum 10,000 bonus coins Video intros, free video readings Yes No
Everclear First 3 minutes free Thorough screening, reviews shown No Yes
Mysticsense First 5 minutes free Screening process, ratings, reviews Yes Yes
PsychicOz 3 minutes free, discount for first reading Transparent ratings, reviews, qualifications No Yes

Choosing the Best Online Psychic Reading: FAQs

How do I select a psychic?

Start by identifying your goals for the reading and the type of reader you resonate with. Scrutinize psychic profiles, considering experience, specialties, and tools used.

Can I get a free psychic reading?

While some sites offer free readings, their accuracy may be questionable. Reputable platforms provide low-cost introductory offers, free minutes, and satisfaction guarantees.

How accurate are psychic readings?

Accurate readings are achievable with experienced, verified psychics. Opt for trusted platforms to ensure quality.

How often should I get a psychic reading?

Frequency depends on significant life changes. Major transitions warrant more frequent readings, but generally, seek guidance when needed.

What are the different types of readings?

Readings span various topics, gifts, and tools, including tarot, astrology, mediumship, and more specialized subjects.

What happens during a psychic reading?

Psychics tap into energy to provide insights, responding to questions and conveying messages from departed loved ones or guides.

How should I prepare for a reading?

Clear your mind, prepare open-ended questions, and consider taking notes during the session.

What’s the difference between online and offline readings?

Online readings offer convenience and accessibility, while offline readings involve physical meetings with psychics.


In summary, finding a reputable psychic on a reliable platform can be time-consuming. Our recommended sites ensure genuine psychics and credible services, making your choice easier. Among them, California Psychics stands out, offering a comprehensive mobile app, competitive rates, and a range of experienced psychics to provide guidance and inspiration for the future.

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