Tarot Spreads for Overcoming Career Obstacles and Challenges

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Embarking on a career path can be both exciting and daunting. We all face obstacles and challenges at some point in our careers, and it’s important to have tools and resources to help us navigate through them successfully. Tarot cards, with their rich symbolism and deep wisdom, can provide valuable insights and guidance for overcoming career obstacles. In this article, we’ll explore why tarot can be useful for addressing career challenges, how to create an effective tarot spread, different types of tarot spreads for career obstacles, and how to interpret the cards in a spread. Whether you’re facing job loss, finding a new career direction, or dealing with conflicts in the workplace, tarot can help you gain clarity, insight, and confidence to overcome your challenges and achieve your career goals.

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Why Use Tarot for Career Obstacles?

Why Use Tarot For Career Obstacles?
When it comes to career obstacles, most of us have experienced moments of doubt or uncertainty. We may question whether we’re on the right path or struggle to overcome challenges in the workplace. While there are plenty of resources available for career development, many people are turning to tarot as a unique way to gain clarity and insight. But why use tarot for career obstacles? The answer lies in the flexibility, intuition, and uncovering of hidden barriers offered by tarot. In this section, we will explore each of these benefits and how they can help you overcome career obstacles. And if you’re ready to create your own career obstacles tarot spreads, check out our guide on how to create a tarot spread, which will help you develop your own unique tarot spreads.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The flexibility and adaptability that tarot offers makes it an ideal tool for overcoming career obstacles. One of the biggest challenges many individuals face in their careers is the constant change and uncertainty that comes with it. Tarot readings can help improve flexibility and adaptability by providing insights into potential obstacles and opportunities, and helping the individual to mentally and emotionally prepare for them.

Through tarot readings, individuals can gain a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to leverage them to navigate through difficult situations, such as career changes or unexpected setbacks. By tapping into the power of tarot, individuals can develop a sense of resilience and agility that can help them to better manage and overcome career challenges.

Tarot readings can also offer guidance when it comes to decision-making, as they can help individuals to see different perspectives and potential outcomes. This can be especially useful when trying to determine the best course of action for career advancement, such as whether to make a job change, start a new business, or pursue additional education or training.

By using tarot for career obstacles, individuals can gain a greater sense of control and confidence over their career paths, and feel empowered to take calculated risks in pursuit of their professional goals. Additionally, tarot readings can provide inspiration and motivation for individuals who are feeling stagnant or unfulfilled in their current roles, by offering insights into their true calling and purpose.

With so many benefits to offer, it’s no wonder that tarot is becoming an increasingly popular tool for career growth and development. If you’re looking to overcome career obstacles and achieve your professional aspirations, consider exploring the world of tarot through resources such as creating a career spread, using one of the 10 career tarot spreads available, or reading up on how tarot can help with job interviews or career growth, such as this article, this one, or this guide on finding your true calling with tarot. Other tools, such as oracle cards, astrology, and intuition, can also be useful for navigating career challenges – learn more about how to use these resources by exploring articles such as this one on oracle cards or this one on astrology and tarot.

Access Inner Wisdom and Intuition

Using tarot cards for career obstacles is an excellent way to access your inner wisdom and intuition. When faced with obstacles in our careers, it can be challenging to see the bigger picture and understand what direction to take. The tarot can help us tap into our subconscious mind and access our intuition to reveal insights and guidance that may not be readily apparent.

One of the ways that tarot can help us access our intuition is through the use of imagery and symbolism that is found on each card. The images on the tarot cards can evoke emotions and associations within us that can provide deeper insights into our subconscious beliefs and patterns. By exploring these images and their meanings, we can better understand our current situation and gain new perspectives on how to overcome any obstacles we may be facing.

Another way that tarot can help us tap into our inner wisdom is by providing a space for quiet reflection and contemplation. When we are in a state of anxiety or stress, it can be challenging to access our intuition and make clear decisions. The act of shuffling and laying out tarot cards allows us to step back and reflect on our situation more objectively. It encourages us to take a moment to breathe and connect with our inner selves, which can help us gain clarity and a more profound sense of understanding.

By accessing our inner wisdom and intuition through tarot, we become more open to receiving guidance and insights that may not be available to us otherwise. The tarot helps us trust ourselves and our instincts, which can be incredibly helpful when navigating career obstacles. It removes any preconceived notions or biases we may have and helps us understand our situation from a more profound, more expansive perspective.

If you want to know more about how tarot can help you tap into your intuition and overcome obstacles in your career, check out our article on Intuition and Career Tarot.

Uncovering Hidden Barriers

It’s not uncommon for career obstacles and challenges to be deeply rooted in hidden barriers that may not even be conscious to us. By using tarot cards, you can uncover these barriers and gain insight into how to overcome them. Here are some key ways that tarot can help you uncover these hidden barriers:

  • Reveal underlying beliefs: Tarot cards have a unique ability to tap into our subconscious and reveal underlying beliefs that may be affecting our career path. These beliefs can include self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk. By becoming aware of these beliefs, you can start to challenge and shift them, allowing for more positive and empowering thoughts to take their place.
  • Identify patterns and cycles: Tarot can often help you see patterns and cycles that may be playing out in your career. For example, you may notice that you consistently end up in jobs or situations where you feel undervalued or unappreciated. By recognizing these patterns, you can start to take steps to break them and create a more positive career path.
  • Highlight fears and insecurities: Career obstacles are often rooted in fears and insecurities that we may not be fully aware of. Tarot cards can bring these fears and insecurities to the surface, allowing us to work through them and develop the confidence we need to overcome obstacles in our career.
  • Show hidden influences: There may be outside influences that are affecting our career in ways that we may not be aware of. These influences can include people, situations, or even our own thought patterns. By using tarot, you can gain insight into these hidden influences and take steps to minimize their impact on your career.

By using tarot to uncover hidden barriers, you can gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of your career obstacles and challenges. With this insight, you can develop strategies for overcoming these barriers and creating a more positive and fulfilling career path.

Decipher the Riddles of Your Dreams: Select a Tarot Card and Unveil Their Hidden Meanings!
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How to Create a Career Obstacles Tarot Spread

Creating a tarot spread for career obstacles may seem daunting at first, especially if you’re not a seasoned tarot reader. But fear not – with a bit of guidance, you can design a spread that addresses your specific career challenges and provides insight and clarity on how to move forward. Let’s explore some key factors to consider when creating your own career obstacles spread.

Selecting the Right Tarot Deck

When it comes to selecting the right tarot deck for career obstacles, there are a plethora of options available. It is important to choose a deck that resonates with you and your specific goals. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the tarot deck:

Factor Considerations
Artwork style Do you prefer traditional or modern artwork? Minimalist or detailed designs? Choose a deck that speaks to your aesthetic senses.
Theme and symbolism Is there a specific theme or symbolism that resonates with you and your career aspirations? Look for decks that align with those symbols and themes.
Card size and shape Are you comfortable shuffling larger or smaller cards? Do you prefer square or rectangular-shaped cards? Consider the physical attributes of the deck before purchasing.
Guidebook or companion app Do you need a guidebook or companion app to assist with the interpretation of the cards? Check if it comes with one or if it is available for purchase separately.
Personal connection Ultimately, the most important factor is to choose a deck that you feel a personal connection with. Listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be drawn to a specific deck.

By taking into consideration these factors, you can select a tarot deck that aligns with your career obstacles and provides you with insights and guidance on how to overcome them.

Determining the Focus of the Spread

Determining the focus of the spread is an important step in creating a tarot spread for career obstacles. It is crucial to decide on the particular aspect of your career that needs clarification or problem-solving. Here are some important factors to consider when determining the focus of your spread:

  • Career Obstacle: Identifying the specific obstacle or challenge that you are facing is the starting point for most tarot spreads. Be clear about the problem you are facing so you can select the most appropriate cards for your spread.
  • Career Goals: Your career goals can be the focus of the spread if you are seeking guidance on how to achieve them. The tarot can provide insight and guidance on how to move forward and achieve your desired outcome.
  • Career Direction: If you are feeling uncertain or lacking direction in your career, a tarot spread focused on career direction can be helpful. This will help you gain clarity and insight into your career path.
  • Career Satisfaction: If you are feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your current career, a tarot spread focused on career satisfaction can help you understand what changes you need to make to improve your situation and find more satisfaction in your work.

Once you have identified the focus of your spread, you can then select the appropriate cards and layout to address your specific career obstacles or goals. Remember that the tarot is a tool for self-reflection and guidance, and the information provided by the cards should be used as guidance and inspiration for your career path.

Choosing the Number of Cards

Choosing the Number of Cards:

One of the key decisions you’ll need to make when designing a career obstacles tarot spread is how many cards to include. The number of cards will determine the depth and complexity of the reading. Here are a few things to consider when deciding how many cards to use in your spread:

  • The Complexity of the Situation: If the career obstacle you’re facing is straightforward, you may only need a few cards to get a clear understanding of the situation. However, if your challenge is multi-faceted, you may need a larger spread with more cards to gain a full perspective.
  • The Time Available: Another important factor to consider is how much time you have for the reading. If you’re short on time, a smaller spread with fewer cards may be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you have the luxury of time, you may want to use a larger spread to get a more comprehensive understanding of the obstacles you’re facing.
  • Your Comfort Level: Your comfort level with tarot readings will also play a role in how many cards you feel comfortable using. Beginners may want to start with a smaller spread before moving on to larger, more complex spreads.

Ultimately, the number of cards you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the specific career obstacle you’re facing. Remember that there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting the number of cards – it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Selecting the Spread Layout

When it comes to selecting the spread layout for a tarot reading focused on career obstacles, there are a variety of options to choose from. The spread layout refers to the specific arrangement of tarot cards used in the reading, and each layout has a particular purpose and set of meanings.

One popular spread for career obstacles is the Celtic Cross. This layout involves ten cards and offers a comprehensive look at the obstacles and opportunities present in a person’s career. The first card represents the current situation, while the second card indicates the obstacles in the path. The third card highlights any past influences that may be impacting the present situation, while the fourth and fifth cards focus on potential solutions and outcomes.

Another option for a career obstacles tarot spread is the Three-Card Spread. This layout is simple and straightforward, making it a great choice for beginners or those who prefer a quick reading. In this spread, the first card represents the present challenge or obstacle, the second card identifies potential solutions, and the third card represents the likely outcome.

For those who are specifically concerned about making a career decision, the Horseshoe Spread is a good choice. This spread uses seven cards, with the first card representing the present situation, the second card indicating the influences affecting the decision, and the third card representing the possible outcomes of each option. The fourth and fifth cards represent the positive and negative aspects of each choice, while the sixth card offers advice on how to move forward. The last card in the spread represents the final outcome of the decision.

Ultimately, the choice of which spread layout to use will depend on personal preference and the specific career obstacle or challenge being addressed. It’s important to select a spread that feels intuitive and resonates with the question being asked. Experimenting with different spread layouts can also help to deepen one’s understanding of the tarot and its applications in career and professional settings.

Spread Layout Number of Cards Purpose
Celtic Cross 10 Comprehensive analysis of obstacles and opportunities in a person’s career
Three-Card Spread 3 Quick and simple reading focused on identifying obstacles and solutions
Horseshoe Spread 7 Specifically designed for decision-making in a career or professional setting

Types of Tarot Spreads for Career Obstacles

Types Of Tarot Spreads For Career Obstacles
There are several ways to use tarot cards to gain insights into overcoming career obstacles and challenges. By choosing the right tarot spreads, you can gain clarity and guidance on important career decisions, resolve conflicts in the workplace, and improve workplace relationships. Each tarot spread has its unique purpose and can provide different perspectives on how to navigate your career journey. In this section, we will explore some of the most effective tarot spreads for tackling career obstacles and how to interpret the cards that appear in each spread. Let’s dive in and discover which tarot spread is right for you to gain insight and direction for your career path.

Career Path Spread

The Career Path Spread can provide valuable insights into your current and future career direction. This spread typically consists of six cards arranged in a horizontal line.

Card 1: Your Current Career Path
The first card represents your current career path and can provide important insights into what is currently working and what is not.

Card 2: Obstacles in Your Current Career
The second card represents the obstacles that are currently preventing you from achieving your career goals. This card can help you identify the areas of your career that need improvement.

Card 3: Your Professional Strengths
The third card represents your professional strengths and can provide insight into what you bring to the table. This card can help you leverage your strengths to overcome the obstacles in your career.

Card 4: Your Professional Weaknesses
The fourth card represents your professional weaknesses and can provide insight into areas that need improvement. This card can help you identify areas for growth and development.

Card 5: Future Career Path
The fifth card represents your future career path and can provide guidance on where your career is headed. This card can help you identify opportunities and potential challenges.

Card 6: Advice for Achieving Career Goals
The final card represents the advice and guidance needed to achieve your career goals. This card can help you identify the actions needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success in your career.

Decision Making Spread

When it comes to making important decisions in one’s career, a Tarot spread can offer valuable insight and guidance. The Decision Making Spread is a simple yet effective way to gain clarity and direction regarding a particular career decision. Here are the steps to create and interpret this type of spread:

  • Step 1: Shuffle and lay out three cards. The first card represents the current situation, the second card represents the potential outcome if the decision is made, and the third card represents the potential outcome if the decision is not made.
  • Step 2: Interpret each card in relation to its position and the overall question or decision at hand. Consider any symbols, colors, or imagery to gain further insight into the situation.
  • Step 3: Look for patterns or connections between the cards. Are they all from the same suit or share a similar theme? Do they complement or contradict each other?
  • Step 4: Reflect on the overall message of the spread. What does it suggest about the decision being considered? What advice or guidance does it offer?

It’s important to approach the spread with an open mind and a willingness to accept whatever guidance the cards may offer. Remember, the Tarot cannot predict the future but can offer insight and inspire new perspectives. Trust your intuition and use the information gained from the spread to make informed and empowered decisions about your career path.

Conflict Resolution Spread

When there are conflicts present in your workplace, it can be hard to know how to address them effectively. The Conflict Resolution Spread is a tarot spread that can help you gain insight into the underlying causes of the conflict and identify potential ways to resolve it. Here’s how to create this three-card spread:

  • Card 1: Represents the underlying issue or cause of the conflict.
  • Card 2: Represents your own perspective and approach to the conflict.
  • Card 3: Represents the perspective and approach of the other person involved in the conflict.

Once you have laid out the cards for the Conflict Resolution Spread, take some time to reflect on each card individually and then consider how they might relate to one another. Here are a few tips for interpreting the cards in this spread:

  • Pay attention to any patterns or themes that emerge across the cards. Are there any similarities or connections between the issues or perspectives represented?
  • Consider how the cards might reflect power dynamics at play in the conflict. Does one card suggest a more dominant or controlling perspective than the others?
  • Look at the cards as a whole to see if they suggest any potential solutions or avenues for resolving the conflict. Do they point to specific actions or changes that could be made?
  • Remember that the tarot can be a powerful tool for gaining insight and perspective, but it is not a substitute for direct communication and problem solving. Use the insights you gain from this spread to inform your approach to resolving the conflict, but be prepared to engage in open and honest dialogue with the other person involved.

Remember, the Conflict Resolution Spread is just one tool that can help you navigate challenging workplace dynamics. Be open to trying different

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techniques and strategies to find what works best for you and your specific situation.

Workplace Relationships Spread

A Workplace Relationships Spread can help you gain valuable insights into your interactions with colleagues and superiors in the workplace. Here are the steps to create and interpret this spread:

  • Selecting the Right Tarot Deck: As with any spread, the choice of deck is a matter of personal preference. However, you may find it helpful to choose a deck with images and meanings that relate to career and work-related themes.
  • Determining the Focus of the Spread: This spread can be used for a variety of purposes, such as understanding the dynamics of a specific workplace relationship or gaining insight into your overall approach to working with others. Decide on a specific question or area of focus before shuffling the deck.
  • Choosing the Number of Cards: This spread typically consists of three cards, although you can add more for a more detailed reading.
  • Selecting the Spread Layout: The Workplace Relationships Spread can be laid out in a row, with the first card representing your own energy and approach to work, the second card representing the other person’s energy and approach, and the third card representing the overall dynamic between you.

Now that you have created the spread, it’s time to interpret the cards:

  • Major and Minor Arcana Cards: Major Arcana cards represent powerful forces and energies at play in the situation, while Minor Arcana cards offer specific details and insights. Take note of any Major Arcana cards that appear in the spread, as they can indicate significant themes or challenges at play in the workplace relationship.
  • Card Combinations: Look for patterns and connections between the cards in the spread. For example, if two cards from the same suit appear, this could indicate a strong connection or shared values between you and the other person.
  • Reversed Cards: A reversed card can indicate a blockage or challenge in the area represented by that card. Consider what this might mean for the workplace relationship and how you can work to overcome it.
  • Intuitive Interpretation: Don’t forget to use your intuition and personal insights when interpreting the cards in the spread. Sometimes a card may have a specific meaning that resonates with you on a deep level, even if it doesn’t seem to relate directly to the question or situation at hand.

By using the Workplace Relationships Spread, you can gain a deeper understanding of your workplace interactions and identify strategies for improving communication and collaboration with colleagues and superiors.

How to Interpret the Tarot Cards in a Career Obstacles Spread

With each card in a career obstacles tarot spread representing a unique aspect of your work life, interpreting them can often feel like a daunting task. However, understanding these cards and their meanings is crucial to gaining insight and clarity into the challenges and potential solutions in your career path. In this section, we will explore different techniques for interpreting tarot cards, including the meaning of major and minor arcana cards, card combinations, and the significance of reversed cards. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of utilizing your intuition when interpreting tarot cards in a career obstacles spread.

Major and Minor Arcana Cards

When interpreting the cards in a career obstacles tarot spread, it is important to understand the difference between the major and minor arcana cards. The major arcana cards represent major life events and significant turning points, whereas the minor arcana cards symbolize more everyday situations and challenges.

In a career obstacles spread, major arcana cards such as The Tower or The Hanged Man may suggest major upheavals or times of feeling stuck in one’s career. The presence of a major arcana card can signify that the obstacle at hand is something that needs to be taken seriously and may require a significant shift in one’s approach or perspective.

On the other hand, minor arcana cards such as The Three of Swords or The Five of Pentacles may represent smaller, more manageable obstacles or setbacks in one’s career journey. These cards can indicate areas where one needs to pay closer attention, make minor adjustments, or overcome minor roadblocks.

It is also important to pay attention to the suit of the minor arcana cards. Each suit (cups, pentacles, swords, and wands) corresponds to a different area of life and can provide additional insight into the specific challenge at hand. For example, the swords suit often relates to mental and communication challenges, while the pentacles suit can signify issues related to finances and stability in one’s career.

Understanding the major and minor arcana cards and how they relate to the specific challenge at hand can provide valuable insights and guidance in overcoming career obstacles.

Card Combinations

As you begin to interpret the cards in your career obstacles tarot spread, it’s important to pay attention not just to individual cards, but also to how they interact with one another. Card combinations can offer deeper insights into the challenges you may be facing, and how best to approach them.

1. Pairings: When two cards appear side by side in a spread, pay attention to which cards they are, and how they relate to one another. For example, The Devil and The Tower appearing together could suggest a sudden downfall brought on by addictive tendencies or unethical behavior.

2. Trios: Three cards appearing together can offer additional information about a situation, such as the root cause of a problem or possible solutions. For example, The Three of Swords, The Five of Cups, and The Temperance card appearing together could indicate a need to heal from a past heartbreak and find balance in your emotions before moving forward.

3. Clusters: When multiple cards in a spread are from the same suit or have a similar theme, it can indicate a concentrated focus on a particular area of your career. Pay attention to the similarities and differences between these cards to gain a deeper understanding of the energies at play.

4. Mirror cards: When two cards are mirror images of each other (such as two of the same card or two cards that have a similar image), it can indicate a need for balance or a reflection of internal struggles. For example, The Seven of Pentacles and The Two of Pentacles appearing together could suggest a need to balance short-term gains with long-term goals.

By paying attention to card combinations in your career obstacles tarot spread, you can gain deeper insights into the challenges you may be facing and how to best navigate them. Remember to trust your intuition and allow the cards to guide you towards the most helpful interpretations.

Reversed Cards

When it comes to interpreting tarot cards in a career obstacles spread, reversed cards can add a new layer of complexity to the reading. A reversed card usually indicates that the energy of the card is blocked, delayed, or not fully expressed. This can apply to both the positive and negative aspects of the card, so it’s important to look at the context of the reading to determine the meaning of a reversed card.

Interpreting Reversed Cards:

When interpreting reversed cards in a career obstacles spread, consider the following:

Area Questions to Ask
Career Obstacle What is blocking my progress in this area? What do I need to do to overcome this obstacle?
Career Strengths What strengths am I not fully utilizing? How can I tap into these strengths more effectively?
Career Opportunities What opportunities am I overlooking? How can I expand my options?
Career Relationships What relationships are strained or not serving me? How can I improve communication and collaboration?

Reversals of Major Arcana Cards:

Reversed major arcana cards in a career obstacles spread can indicate that the lesson or energy of the card is not being fully learned or expressed. For example:

– The reversed Magician may suggest a lack of focus or initiative in pursuing career goals.
– The reversed Tower may indicate resistance to change or a fear of letting go of the status quo.
– The reversed Judgment may suggest a reluctance to take responsibility for one’s own career path.

Reversals of Minor Arcana Cards:

Reversed minor arcana cards in a career obstacles spread can indicate blocked or delayed energy in a specific area of one’s career. For example:

– The reversed Ace of Pentacles may suggest missed opportunities for financial gain or a reluctance to take on new responsibilities.
– The reversed Five of Swords may indicate conflicts or power struggles in the workplace that are not being effectively resolved.
– The reversed Ten of Cups may suggest dissatisfaction or a lack of fulfillment in one’s current career path.


Incorporating reversed cards in a career obstacles tarot spread can provide valuable insights into areas where one’s energy may be blocked or not fully expressed. By asking targeted questions and considering the context of the reading, reversed cards can help illuminate opportunities for growth and change in one’s career path.

Intuitive Interpretation

When interpreting the cards in a career obstacles spread, it’s important to use your intuition. The cards themselves are just symbols and images, but it’s your own intuition that brings them to life and gives them meaning. Intuitive interpretation allows you to go beyond traditional meanings and look at the cards in a more personal and meaningful way.

So, how do you use your intuition when interpreting the cards? First, take a moment to look at the cards and see what stands out to you. What catches your attention? Is there a particular symbol or color that jumps out at you? Pay attention to your initial impressions, as they often hold the key to deeper meaning.

Next, think about how the cards relate to your own situation. What challenges are you facing in your career? What obstacles are standing in your way? Use the cards as a tool to explore these questions and gain deeper insights into your own circumstances.

Remember: there is no one “right” way to interpret the cards. What matters most is that the interpretation feels meaningful and relevant to you. Don’t be afraid to trust your own intuition and go with your gut. The cards are a tool, but it’s your own inner wisdom that ultimately holds the answers.

To summarize: intuitive interpretation is a key part of using tarot for career obstacles. It allows you to tap into your own inner wisdom and gain deeper insights into your own situation. Trusting your intuition is essential for unlocking the full power of the cards and accessing their true meaning.

Intuitive Interpretation Tips for Success
Pay attention to what stands out to you Trust your initial impressions and go with your gut
Think about how the cards relate to your own situation Use the cards to explore your own challenges and obstacles
Trust your own inner wisdom Remember that the cards are just a tool – it’s your intuition that brings them to life


In conclusion, using tarot spreads for overcoming career obstacles can be a powerful tool for gaining insight, clarity, and guidance in your professional journey. By tapping into your intuition and accessing hidden knowledge, you can unravel complex situations and uncover the root causes of challenges in your career.

Remember that tarot readings are not a substitute for taking action or seeking professional advice, but rather a complementary tool for gaining perspective and deeper understanding. It’s important to approach tarot readings with an open mind and a willingness to receive guidance, but also to take responsibility for your own career choices and actions.

When creating a career obstacles tarot spread, be intentional about the focus of the spread and the number of cards used. Choose a spread layout that resonates with you and allows for flexibility in interpretation. It’s also important to select a tarot deck that speaks to you and aligns with your energy and intentions.

Interpreting the cards in a career obstacles spread requires a balance of knowledge and intuition. Take time to familiarize yourself with the meanings of the major and minor arcana cards, but also trust your gut instincts and allow yourself to be open to intuitive guidance. Pay attention to card combinations and the way they interact with one another, and consider the potential meanings of reversed cards.

Overall, using tarot spreads for overcoming career obstacles can be a rewarding and insightful practice. By accessing your inner wisdom and the deeper currents of the universe, you can gain clarity and guidance on your professional path. Whether you’re facing a decision, conflict, or relationship challenge in your career, tarot spreads can help illuminate the way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t believe in tarot readings?

That’s okay! Tarot readings are based on your own interpretation and intuition, so even if you don’t believe in the spiritual aspect of it, you can still use tarot as a tool for self-reflection and introspection.

How often should I do a tarot reading for career obstacles?

It’s up to you! Some people like to do a tarot reading for career obstacles once a week, while others prefer once a month or as needed. Listen to your own intuition on this.

Can tarot cards predict my career future?

No, tarot is not meant to predict the future. Rather, tarot is meant to help you tap into your own intuition and inner wisdom to make better decisions and overcome obstacles in the present moment.

Do I need to have specific questions in mind for a career obstacles tarot spread?

It can be helpful to have a specific question in mind, but it’s not necessary. You can also do a more general spread focused on career obstacles and see what comes up.

Can tarot readings help me discover new career paths?

Yes, tarot readings can help you tap into your inner wisdom and bring to light possibilities and opportunities you may not have considered before.

Can tarot readings replace career counseling or therapy?

No, tarot readings should not replace professional counseling or therapy. Rather, it can be used as a supplement to enhance your own introspection and self-discovery.

Do I need to be an experienced tarot reader to do a career obstacles tarot spread?

No, as long as you have a basic understanding of tarot card meanings and are willing to trust your own intuition, you can do a career obstacles tarot spread.

Is it okay to ask the same question multiple times in different tarot spreads?

Yes, it’s okay to ask the same question multiple times as long as you are open to different interpretations and perspectives each time you ask.

Can I use any tarot deck for a career obstacles tarot spread?

Yes, you can use any tarot deck that resonates with you. Different decks may have different interpretations or imagery, so choose one that speaks to you personally.

Are tarot readings accurate?

The accuracy of tarot readings depends on a variety of factors, including the skill of the reader and the willingness of the individual to be open and honest during the reading. Ultimately, the accuracy of a tarot reading is up to your own interpretation and intuition.


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