The Role of Air Elementals in Shamanic Journeying

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Shamanic journeying is a practice that involves achieving altered states of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual realm and access divine guidance. The use of the four elements – air, fire, water, and earth – is a common tool in shamanic journeying. In this article, we will explore the role of air elementals in shamanic journeying and how they can enhance our spiritual experiences. From creating movement and flow to facilitating communication with spirit guides, we will delve into the ways in which air elementals can support and empower our shamanic practices. Join us as we uncover the mysteries of the air elementals and unlock the secrets of their transformative powers.

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What are Air Elementals?

What Are Air Elementals?
Air Elementals, also known as sylphs, are invisible spirits of the air that are believed to embody the power of the wind and the atmosphere. These beings are considered to be the guardians of the air and are associated with mental clarity, creativity, and the intellect. According to shamanic traditions, air elementals are responsible for the movement and circulation of the life force energy. They are highly intelligent, curious, and love to play tricks. These spirits are often invoked for any work that requires the power of the wind or atmosphere, including divination, weather magic, and protection against negative energies. Working with air elementals can help us to connect with the spiritual realm and gain a new perspective on life. In shamanic practices like spirit water connection, earth allies healing rituals, fire energy rituals, and wisdom animal totems, air elementals are regarded as essential allies that can provide guidance and support, making our spiritual journey more meaningful and insightful.

1. The Definition of Air Elementals

Air elementals are spiritual beings associated with the element of air. They are considered to be messengers of the wind, and they exist on a different energetic level than the physical realm. Air elementals are known by many different names, such as sylphs, fairies, and sprites, and they are often associated with the spiritual world.

Here are some characteristics of air elementals:

Characteristics Description
Intangible Air elementals are not visible to the human eye, and they exist on a different level of energy.
Messenger Beings They are considered to be the messengers of the wind and are often associated with communication and movement.
Mutable They are changeable and can move quickly from one place to another, just like the wind.
Helpful Air elementals are known to offer assistance to those who ask for their help in certain areas, such as communication, mental clarity, and creativity.

In shamanism, air elementals are often utilized as a means of communication with the spiritual world. They are masters of movement, and they help to create a sense of flow and momentum during shamanic journeying. Air elementals can help us to transcend obstacles by providing a new perspective and unlocking the doors of creativity and imagination.

2. The Traits of Air Elementals

Air elementals are characterized by their freedom and mobility. They possess an ethereal quality that sets them apart from the more grounded elements such as earth, water, and fire. Air elementals are responsible for the movement of air, wind, and storms. They embody the energy of freedom, communication, intellect, and mental clarity. The main traits of air elementals are:

Trait Description
Sense of Freedom Air Elementals are wild, free, and difficult to contain. They inspire individuals to embrace their freedom and expand their minds.
Intellectual Air Elementals are connected with knowledge and wisdom. They promote intellectual growth, communication and learning.
Clear Mindedness They offer a sense of mental clarity and inspirational insight.
Spirited Air Elementals are extremely creative and inspire individuals to tap into their own creativity.
Sensitive Air Elementals are highly attuned to emotions, ideas, and gratitude. They can be called upon to spread positive energy during difficult moments and moods.

Looking at these traits, it’s easy to see why air elementals are important and valuable elements in shamanic journeying. They can help to inspire creativity, encourage intellectual growth, and promote mental clarity. Through their free spirited nature, air elementals can help individuals to feel more connected to their own sense of freedom and expand their understanding of the world. It’s important to remember that air elementals are not independent forces, they are intricately connected to other elements. Air and water combine to create storms. Air and earth are responsible for the creation of dust. Air and fire cause lightning. All the elements are interdependent and work together to create balance and harmony in the natural world. This understanding is key to any shamanic practice and connects to the idea of the power of the elements in healing and spiritual growth.

3. The Importance of Air Elementals in Shamanism

Air elementals play an essential role in shamanism, as they symbolize the breath of life, inspiration, and communication. They are associated with the East direction, the mind, and the mental body. Shamans work with air elementals to gain clarity and insight into their current circumstances, as well as to connect with spiritual allies, power animals, and ancestors.

Here are some reasons why air elementals are crucial in shamanism:

Reason Description
1. Movement and Change Air elementals represent movement, change, and transformation, which are crucial for personal growth and spiritual evolution. They help shamans to break free from stagnation and embrace change in their lives.
2. Communication and Connection Air elementals facilitate communication between different realms and dimensions, including the physical and the spiritual world. They help shamans to connect with spiritual guides, ancestors, and power animals, as well as to receive messages from the Universe.
3. Creativity and Inspiration Air elementals are associated with creativity, inspiration, and intuition, which are essential for artistic expression, problem-solving, and spiritual insight. They help shamans to tap into their inner resources and unleash their full potential.
4. Mental Clarity and Focus Air elementals represent the mental aspect of life, including clear thinking, mental focus, and concentration. They help shamans to overcome distractions and mental obstacles, as well as to gain clarity and insight into their current life situation.

To work effectively with air elementals, shamans need to cultivate an open mind, clear intention, and a deep respect for the power of the elements. It is essential to work with other elemental allies, such as water, earth, and fire, to create a balance of energies and to honor the interconnectedness of all things.

For more information about the spiritual connection between water and shamanism, check out our article on Spirit Water Connection.

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How Air Elementals can Enhance Shamanic Journeying?

In shamanic journeying, the use of air elementals plays an important part in enhancing the overall experience. Air elementals help create movement and flow, which can help break through energetic blocks and promote spiritual growth. They also assist in transcending obstacles, such as limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. Air elementals can facilitate spiritual communication and boost the creative imagination, making it easier to connect with spirit guides and receive intuitive insights. Working with air elementals during shamanic journeying involves preparations before the journey, meeting them during the journey, establishing a relationship, and integrating the experience into everyday life. Incorporating air elementals into shamanic practices can lead to transformative experiences and help individuals connect more deeply with their spirituality.

1. Creation of Movement and Flow

Creation of Movement and Flow
Air elementals are known for their power in creating movement and flow. When working with air elementals during shamanic journeying, you can experience this power and how it can aid your spiritual journey. Movement and flow are essential in shamanism because they represent change and transformation, which are significant aspects of the shamanic journey.

During shamanic journeying, air elementals can help you overcome stagnancy and facilitate movement in your spiritual journey. They can provide guidance through their ability to change direction, and this can be seen in the way wind moves. When you meet an air elemental during shamanic journeying, you can ask them to help you navigate through the changes and movements in your life.

Air elementals can assist in finding creative solutions to problems that may be blocking the flow in your life. They can provide fresh perspectives and inspire new ideas, leading to a smooth and effortless flow towards your goals. Air elementals can help you let go of any limiting beliefs or emotions that may be holding you back, allowing for greater movement and transformation in your life.

Utilizing the power of air elementals during shamanic journeying can aid in the creation of movement and flow in your spiritual journey. By working with air elementals, you can overcome stagnancy, find creative solutions to problems, and embrace change and transformation. For more information on other allies in shamanism, check out our article on earth allies healing rituals, fire energy rituals, and wisdom animal totems.

2. Assistance in Transcending Obstacles

During shamanic journeying, air elementals can provide valuable assistance in transcending obstacles. These obstacles may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. With their light and airy nature, air elementals can help individuals rise above these obstacles and gain a new perspective.

Air elementals are associated with the mental realm and can help individuals overcome mental blocks that may be preventing them from moving forward. They can provide clarity and new ideas, as well as help individuals let go of limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Emotional obstacles can also be transcended with the help of air elementals. These may include fear, doubt, and anxiety. Air elementals can help individuals release these negative emotions and experience a sense of lightness and freedom.

In terms of spiritual obstacles, air elementals can assist in the process of connecting with higher states of consciousness. They can help individuals reach a state of transcendence where they can experience a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

When working with air elementals to transcend obstacles, it’s important to approach them with an open and receptive mindset. Trust in the process and allow the air elementals to guide you. Keep an open mind to new ideas and perspectives, and be willing to let go of old patterns that are no longer serving you.

Air elementals can be powerful allies in the journey of personal growth and transformation. With their light and airy nature, they can assist in transcending obstacles and gaining a new perspective on life.

3. Facilitation of Spiritual Communication

Air elementals play a significant role in facilitating spiritual communication during shamanic journeying by enhancing the clarity of messages and insights received. They help in opening up channels of communication between the spiritual and physical realms, which allows shamans to receive guidance and wisdom from spirit guides and ancestors. Here are some ways in which air elementals facilitate spiritual communication during shamanic journeying:

  • Clearing Mental Blocks: Air elementals help in clearing one’s mental blocks, which allows the shaman to receive messages and insights clearly without any interruptions. This helps in establishing a deeper connection with spirit guides, ancestors, and other spiritual entities.
  • Expanding Consciousness: When working with air elementals, shamans can expand their consciousness, which enables them to shift their perspective and see things from a higher viewpoint. This helps in gaining new insights and understanding the bigger picture of situations.
  • Strengthening Intuition: Air elementals facilitate the development of intuition as they help in opening up the third eye chakra. This allows the shaman to receive intuitive insights and guidance, which can be applied in their everyday life as well.
  • Amplifying Powers of Invocation: During shamanic journeying, shamans may call upon spiritual entities for assistance. Air elementals help in amplifying the power of invocation, which ensures that the intended entity hears the call and responds to it.
  • Enhancing Clarity in Communication: Air elementals facilitate clarity in communication by helping in removing any distortions or misinterpretations in the messages received. This ensures that the shaman receives the exact guidance or insight that they need to help them on their spiritual journey.

To summarize, air elementals play a crucial role in facilitating spiritual communication during shamanic journeying. They help in clearing mental blocks, expanding consciousness, strengthening intuition, amplifying powers of invocation, and enhancing clarity in communication. Working with air elementals can help shamans receive guidance and wisdom from spiritual entities, which can be applied in their everyday life.

4. Boosting the Creative Imagination

Air Elementals play a vital role in enhancing the creative imagination during shamanic journeying. These beings can help an individual tap into their innermost creative resources, which are often buried deep within the subconscious mind. Air Elementals can help stir up one’s imagination and inspire the creation of innovative ideas and new solutions to problems.

During shamanic journeying, working with Air Elementals can help one reach a state of heightened awareness, where one’s mind is no longer limited by the constraints of the physical world. The creative imagination can be unleashed, and new realms of possibility can be explored, leading to exciting breakthroughs.

By working with Air Elementals, shamans can tap into their creative abilities and access a level of inspiration that is needed for their work. Through the use of symbolism and other techniques, Air Elementals can help one unlock new layers of creative potential and bring fresh energy to one’s projects.

Air Elementals can also help to promote relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress levels that can limit one’s capacity for creative thinking. By allowing one’s mind to relax and let go, the creative energy can begin to flow more freely, leading to new and exciting discoveries.

Working with Air Elementals during shamanic journeying can be an incredibly powerful way to unlock the creative imagination and access new levels of inspiration. By tapping into our deepest creative resources, we can find innovative solutions to the complex problems we face in our lives, making the world a better place for us all.

Working with Air Elementals during Shamanic Journeying

Working with air elementals during shamanic journeying can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and self-discovery. Before beginning the journey, it is important to prepare a sacred space with cleansing rituals and grounding exercises. During the journey, air elementals can help create movement and flow, and assist in transcending obstacles. It is important to establish a relationship with them

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and communicate with them through visualizations and meditations. After the journey, integrating the experience with everyday life through journaling and reflection can help deepen the connection with air elementals and their guidance. Working with air elementals can enhance the shamanic journeying experience and provide valuable insights and guidance on one’s spiritual path.

1. Preparations before the Journey

Preparations before the Journey

Before embarking on a shamanic journey with the assistance of air elementals, it is important to engage in several preparatory activities that will help to ensure a successful experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Physical Preparation: It is important to make sure that you are in a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted during your journeying. Also, make sure that your body is comfortable by wearing loose, comfortable clothing and removing any restrictive clothing or jewelry.

Emotional Preparation: Before beginning your journey, take some time to actively cultivate positive emotions and release any negative emotions that might be weighing you down. Positive emotions such as gratitude, compassion, joy, and love are particularly helpful for journeying.

Mental Preparation: A clear and focused mind is essential for successful journeying. You can achieve mental clarity by engaging in meditation or deep breathing exercises, which will help to calm your mind and still your thoughts. It is also helpful to set an intention for your journey and to visualize the desired outcome.

Cleansing: Prior to your journey, it is important to cleanse yourself and your space. You can do this by smudging yourself and your space with sage or other cleansing herbs, or by taking a bath with sea salt or other purifying agents.

Offerings: As a sign of respect and appreciation, it is customary to offer gifts or offerings to the air elementals who will be assisting you on your journey. This can be done by leaving offerings of flowers, crystals, or other natural objects on an altar or in a special spot in your space.

By following these preparatory activities, you will create an optimal environment for journeying with air elementals and increase the likelihood of a successful experience. Remember to approach your journey with an open mind and heart, and remain respectful and grateful for the assistance of these powerful spiritual helpers.

2. Meeting Air Elementals during Journeying

2. Meeting Air Elementals during Journeying

Meeting Air Elementals during shamanic journeying requires a certain level of preparation and focus. Here are some key steps to follow:

Step Description
1. Enter a meditative state and set the intention to meet and communicate with an Air Elemental.
2. Visualize yourself standing in nature, surrounded by the wind and the air. Pay attention to any sensations or markings that draw your attention.
3. Call out to the Air Elementals, using your intuition as a guide. Be open to any messages or images that come to mind.
4. Allow yourself to be drawn into a trance-like state, where you can connect with the energy of the Air Elemental. Notice the feeling of lightness, freedom, and expansion that permeates your being.
5. Pay attention to any communication or signs that the Air Elemental may give you. This could be in the form of thoughts, images, symbols, or physical sensations.
6. Express your gratitude for the experience and slowly return to your waking state.

Meeting Air Elementals during journeying can be a profound experience. It can help you deepen your connection to nature and expand your awareness of the unseen world. Be patient with the process and trust that the Air Elementals will reveal themselves to you in their own time. As with all shamanic journeying, it’s important to approach the experience with reverence and respect, and to integrate any insights gained into your everyday life.

3. Establishing Relationship with Air Elementals

Establishing a relationship with Air Elementals can be a rewarding and transformative experience for a shamanic practitioner. One way to begin this process is to express gratitude for any messages or guidance received during a journey involving Air Elementals. This can be done through verbal or written acknowledgment, or through offerings such as incense or other symbols of air.

Shamans can also work on building a stronger bond with Air Elementals by incorporating practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and visualization of air currents into their daily routine. This helps to enhance their awareness of the air element and cultivates a sense of connectedness with the elementals.

Another way to establish a relationship with Air Elementals is through the creation of an altar or sacred space dedicated to them. This can consist of items representing air such as feathers, bells, or a wind chime. These items can be arranged in a way that feels personally meaningful to the practitioner and can serve as a focal point of connection during shamanic journeys.

Finally, working with a mentor or teacher who has experience in connecting with Air Elementals can be a valuable way to deepen one’s relationship with these powerful spirits. This may involve additional training in shamanic journeying or guidance on working with elemental energy.

It is important to approach the process of establishing a relationship with Air Elementals with humility and respect, as these spirits are powerful and should be treated with reverence. By taking the time to establish a strong connection with Air Elementals, shamans can bring greater balance and harmony to their practice and to their relationship with the natural world.

4. Integrating Experience with Everyday Life

Integrating the experiences gained during shamanic journeying with everyday life is essential to make the most of the insights gained. Air elementals can offer guidance on how to do this. Here are some steps that can be taken in this regard:

Step 1: Take time to reflect on the experiences gained during the journeying and write them down. This helps in keeping a record of what was learned and can serve as a reference point for future decisions and actions.

Step 2: Identify the messages that the air elementals conveyed and think about how they can be applied to the present situation. For example, if the air elementals emphasized the need for taking action, then one can make a plan to do so.

Step 3: Take actions based on the insights gained during the journeying. This can involve making changes to one’s lifestyle, relationships, or career path. The key is to take steps that align with the guidance received from the air elementals.

Step 4: Practice mindfulness throughout the day. This helps in staying connected to one’s inner guidance and remaining open to receiving insights from the air elementals or other spiritual entities.

Step 5: Reconnect with the air elementals during subsequent journeying sessions. This can help in gaining deeper insights into how to integrate the wisdom gained during previous journeys.

By following these steps, it is possible to make the most of the insights gained during shamanic journeying and to apply them in everyday life. The guidance of air elementals can serve as a powerful tool in this process.


The role of air elementals in shamanic journeying is an essential aspect that cannot be overlooked. These spiritual beings offer a unique perspective and assistance in navigating the spiritual realm. From the creation of movements to the facilitation of spiritual communications, air elementals play a significant role in enhancing the shamanic journeying experience.

During the journey, air elementals can assist in transcending obstacles and boosting creativity while also establishing a relationship with the spiritual world. By integrating the experience with everyday life, one can achieve a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and establish a personal relationship with air elementals.

In conclusion, working with air elementals during shamanic journeying can be a transformative experience for those who seek spiritual growth and development. These spiritual beings hold immense power and potential in the shamanic world and offer a unique perspective that can enhance the journeying experience. By understanding the importance of air elementals and integrating them into the journey, one can achieve a deeper level of spiritual development and connection with the spiritual realm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the belief in air elementals?

The belief in air elementals has been present in many cultures throughout history. It is a common belief in shamanic and occult practices that originated in ancient times.

Can air elementals be harmful during shamanic journeying?

Air elementals can be both helpful and harmful depending on the intentions of the shaman and the nature of the elemental. That’s why it’s important to establish a respectful and harmonious relationship with them before journeying.

What are some common signs that air elementals are present during shamanic journeying?

Some common signs include a feeling of lightness, wind-like sounds, sudden movements, and a sense of expansiveness in the mental and emotional realm.

Can anyone work with air elementals during shamanic journeying or does it require special abilities?

Anyone can work with air elementals during shamanic journeying as long as they have a willingness to learn and a respectful attitude towards the elemental world. It can also be helpful to work with an experienced shaman or guide.

How can air elementals help with creative inspiration?

Air elementals are associated with the realm of the mind and the imagination. They can help to stimulate creative thinking and provide inspiration for artistic expression and problem-solving.

Can air elementals provide physical healing during shamanic journeying?

Air elementals are primarily associated with the mental and emotional realm, but their energy can also be channeled for physical healing. This requires a strong connection and trust between the shaman and the elemental.

What is the difference between air elementals and air spirits?

The terms “elementals” and “spirits” are often used interchangeably, but some people make a distinction between the two. Elementals are seen as more primal and elemental, while spirits are seen as more evolved and conscious entities in their own right.

How can one protect themselves from negative air elementals during shamanic journeying?

One way to protect yourself is to establish a firm intention and ask for the guidance of benevolent spirits before journeying. It is also important to maintain a respectful and honorable attitude towards all elemental energies.

What is the relationship between air elementals and the astrological element of air?

Both air elementals and the astrological element of air represent the qualities of the mind, communication, and abstract thinking. However, their specific attributes and associations may differ depending on the system of belief being used.

Can air elementals be contacted outside of shamanic journeying?

Yes, air elementals can be contacted through various methods such as meditation, visualization, and invocation. However, it is important to approach elemental energies with respect and caution to avoid any potential harms or miscommunications.


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