Using Shamanic Journeying to Connect with Ancestors and Spirit Guides

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Have you ever felt a deeper connection to the world around you, seeking guidance and wisdom from ancestors and spirit guides? Shamanic Journeying is a tool that has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world to connect with the spiritual realm, gain insight, and deepen their understanding of themselves and their place in the universe. In this article, we will explore the Shamanic Journeying process, how to connect with ancestors and spirit guides through the journey, and how to interpret the messages received from these entities. So, grab your drum and join us on a journey of spiritual discovery.

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What is Shamanic Journeying?

What Is Shamanic Journeying?
Shamanic journeying is a powerful spiritual practice that allows one to connect with the spirit world. It is a technique that has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures all around the world as a way to gain insight and wisdom from the spiritual realm. During a shamanic journey, a person enters into an altered state of consciousness where they can access information from their ancestors, spirit guides, and power animals. The journey typically involves rhythmic drumming or other auditory stimuli to help the individual journey inward. While the process of shamanic journeying can vary between cultures and individuals, the overall goal is to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around them. If you’re new to shamanic journeying, it’s important to prepare yourself mentally and physically before embarking on a journey to ensure a safe and powerful experience.

The Shamanic Journeying Process

The shamanic journeying process involves entering a trance state to connect with the spirit world. It is a powerful tool for spiritual growth, healing, and personal transformation. Here are the key steps involved in the shamanic journeying process:

Step Description
Step 1: Set your intention for the journey. This could be to connect with a particular spirit, to receive guidance on a certain issue, or simply to explore and learn.
Step 2: Prepare your space and create a sacred environment. This could involve smudging, lighting candles or incense, and calling in the spirits.
Step 3: Enter a trance state using a repetitive sound or visual cue. This could be a drum, rattle, or guided meditation.
Step 4: Embark on your journey, exploring the spirit world and connecting with spirits.
Step 5: Return from your journey and ground yourself by reconnecting with your body and physical surroundings. Write down any important insights or messages you received during the journey.

It is important to note that the shamanic journeying process should only be undertaken by those who have received proper training and guidance from a reputable shamanic practitioner. This practice has been used for centuries in traditional cultures, and can offer many benefits when conducted safely and responsibly. If you are interested in learning more about shamanic journeying, consider seeking out a qualified teacher or attending a workshop.

Benefits of Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is an ancient and powerful practice that offers numerous benefits to those who undertake it. Here are some of the benefits of shamanic journeying:

Stress reduction Shamanic journeying can help release stress and tension, and promote relaxation and inner peace, leading to a greater sense of well-being.
Spiritual growth and transformation Through shamanic journeying, individuals can access higher states of consciousness and gain spiritual insight, leading to personal growth and transformation.
Connection to ancestors and spirit guides Shamanic journeying allows individuals to connect with their ancestors and spirit guides, who can provide guidance, wisdom, and support.
Healing and self-discovery Shamanic journeying can be a powerful tool for healing emotional wounds and gaining insight into oneself, leading to greater self-awareness and self-discovery.
Increased creativity Shamanic journeying can stimulate the imagination and lead to increased creativity and innovation in various areas of life, such as the arts, business, and problem-solving.
Self-empowerment By accessing their inner wisdom and power, individuals can become more self-empowered and develop a greater sense of autonomy and self-confidence.
Enhanced intuition and psychic abilities Shamanic journeying can enhance individuals’ intuition and psychic abilities, allowing them to tap into their sixth sense and develop their spiritual gifts.

Shamanic journeying is a safe, natural, and non-invasive practice that can complement other forms of healing and personal growth. However, it is important to note that shamanic journeying may not be suitable for everyone, and it is advisable to consult with a qualified shamanic practitioner if you have any concerns or medical conditions. If you want to learn more about the benefits of shamanic journeying, check out this article.

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Connecting with Ancestors

Connecting with ancestors through shamanic journeying is a powerful way to tap into the wisdom and guidance of our predecessors. Preparing for the journey involves creating a sacred space, setting intentions, and invoking the help of a power animal or spirit guide. During the journey, one may encounter ancestors in various forms, such as a vision of their face or a feeling of their presence. Interpreting messages from ancestors can involve paying attention to symbols, feelings, and insights gained during the journey. It’s important to approach these messages with reverence and gratitude. To learn more about shamanic journeying and how to prepare for a journey, check out the resources available at /understanding-shamanic-journeying/.

Preparing for the Journey

Before embarking on a shamanic journey, it’s important to create a safe and sacred space. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Light candles, burn incense, or use crystals to create a meditative atmosphere.

It’s recommended to fast for several hours before the journey to allow the body to fully relax and focus on the experience. Additionally, try to avoid alcohol, drugs, and caffeine, as they can interfere with the journey.

It’s also helpful to set an intention for the journey. What do you hope to achieve or receive from this experience? State your intention clearly, either in your mind or aloud, before beginning the journey.

If it’s your first time journeying, make sure to read up on shamanic journeying techniques for beginners. Familiarize yourself with the concepts of the lower world shamanic journey and encountering power animals in shamanic journeys.

Finally, try to approach the journey with an open mind and heart. Trust in the process and invite the help of your ancestors and spirit guides. Know that the journey may bring up difficult emotions or experiences, but remember that it’s all part of the healing process.

Remember that preparing for the shamanic journey is as important as the journey itself. It sets the stage for a transformative and empowering experience. For more information about shamanic journeying, check out our article on shamanic journeying in traditional cultures and our guide to preparing for the shamanic journey.

The Journey Experience

During the journey experience in shamanic journeying, participants enter an altered state of consciousness using the steady beat of a drum or rattling instrument. The beat serves as a way to focus the mind and enter a trance-like state. Once in this state, the journeyer can visualize and interact with the spirit world.

One aspect of the journey experience is encountering different landscapes or environments within the spirit world. These landscapes can include the lower world, upper world, and middle world. The lower world is often associated with the subconscious mind and is where one can connect with power animals or spirit guides. The upper world is associated with higher consciousness and spiritual beings such as angels or ascended masters. The middle world is similar to our physical world and can be a place to connect with ancestors or departed loved ones.

Another important part of the journey experience is meeting spirit guides or power animals. These guides can offer messages, guidance, or protection during the journey. They can also be a source of support and wisdom in daily life. It’s important to trust the intuition and emotions that come up during the journey and be open to the messages that guides may offer.

While the journey experience can vary for each individual, it’s important to approach the journey with intention and an open mind. Focusing on a specific question or intention before beginning the journey can help bring clarity and purpose to the experience. It’s also important to practice self-care before and after the journey, as the altered state of consciousness can bring up emotions or physical sensations.

The journey experience in shamanic journeying can be a powerful way to connect with the spirit world and receive guidance or support. Whether exploring the lower world, encountering power animals, or connecting with ancestors, the journey can bring new insights and perspectives to one’s everyday life.

Interpreting Messages from Ancestors

After returning from the journey to meet with your ancestors, it is important to take some time to reflect on the experience and interpret any messages that were received. It is common to receive messages in the form of symbols, metaphors, or even direct communication.

One method for interpreting these messages is to write down everything that was experienced during the journey, including any sensations, emotions, and images. Look for patterns or themes that emerge as you review your notes. It may also be helpful to journal about the experience and any insights gained.

It is important to remember that the interpretation of the messages received during a shamanic journey is subjective and personal. Trust your own intuition and inner wisdom in understanding the meaning behind the messages.

If you are having difficulty interpreting the messages, consider seeking the guidance of a trusted shamanic practitioner or mentor. They may be able to provide additional insight and perspectives on your journey experience.

Remember, the ultimate goal of journeying to connect with your ancestors is to gain guidance and wisdom from those who have come before us. Embrace the experience with an open mind and heart, and let the messages guide you on your journey of personal growth and spiritual development.

Internal link: For more information on shamanic journeying techniques for beginners, check out our article “Shamanic Journeying Techniques for Beginners” or our guide to “Lower World Shamanic Journey”.

Meeting Spirit Guides

In Shamanic Journeying, one can also connect with their Spirit Guides, who can provide guidance and wisdom. Spirit Guides can be a variety of beings, such as angels, animal spirits, or ancestors. Prior to the journey, it is important to set an intention for meeting a Spirit Guide and to create a sacred and safe space. During the journey, the seeker may encounter various guides who offer messages and insight into their journey. It is important to trust the guidance received and to be open to the experience. After the journey, take time to reflect and integrate the messages received into daily life. For those who are interested in encountering power animals in their Shamanic Journeys there is an option to explore encountering power animals, or for those looking specifically for a healing experience during their journey, exploring healing Shamanic Journey may be beneficial.

Preparing for the Journey

Preparing for the journey is an essential step before embarking on a shamanic journey. This step helps to ensure that you are in the right state of mind and equipped to receive the messages from your ancestors and spirit guides. Here are some tips to help prepare for a successful journey:

1. Set your intention: Before beginning your journey, set an intention or a specific goal for what you want to accomplish during this experience. By setting a clear intention, you will be able to focus your mind and prepare to receive the information you seek.
2. Find a quiet and comfortable space: Find a space where you will not be disrupted during the journey. This can be a quiet room in your home or a secluded outdoor location. It’s essential to feel comfortable in the space you choose

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for the journey, as this will help you relax and be more receptive to the experience.
3. Use props: Props such as drums, rattles, essential oils, and crystals can help you connect with your ancestors and spirit guides. These items can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere and help you enter into a state of trance. Use items that resonate with you and your culture.
4. Invoke Protection: Ask your ancestors, spirit guides, or angels to provide you with protection during the journey. Protection helps to ensure that your journey is safe and that you only receive information that is beneficial for you.
5. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help you stay hydrated during the journey. This helps to keep your energy levels up and ensures that you don’t become dehydrated during the process.

Preparing for the journey is essential to ensure that you are in the right state of mind and equipped to receive information. By following these tips, you can create an environment that is conducive to experiencing a successful shamanic journey. Remember to be patient and let go of expectations during the process. Approach the journey with an open mind and heart, and you may be surprised at the insights you receive from your ancestors and spirit guides.

The Journey Experience

During the journey experience in shamanic journeying, one enters into a trance state and travels to non-ordinary reality to meet ancestors and spirit guides. Here are some key details about the journey experience:

1. Journeying Duration: The journey typically lasts around 15-30 minutes, but it can vary depending on various factors like the level of experience, the purpose of the journey, etc.

2. Journeying Techniques: There are different techniques for journeying, but the most common is to use a repetitive sound, like a drum beat, to enter into a trance state. Other techniques include using rattles, singing bowls, or other instruments to stimulate the senses.

3. Entering the Trance State: During the journey, the shamanic practitioner enters into a trance state and travels to non-ordinary reality. This state can be compared to daydreaming, where one is still aware of their physical surroundings but also immersed in the inner world.

4. Meeting Ancestors and Spirit Guides: Once in the trance state, the practitioner can communicate with ancestors or spirit guides, who may appear in various forms, such as animals, human-like figures, or symbolic shapes.

5. Sensing Different Realities: In non-ordinary reality, the senses can be heightened, and the practitioner may sense a different environment, filled with different colors, sounds, and sensations.

6. Communication and Exchange: During the journey, the practitioner can communicate with ancestors and spirit guides, ask questions, receive guidance, healing, or wisdom. The messages can come in various forms, like visual images, sounds, or feelings.

7. Returning to Ordinary Reality: When the journey is complete, the practitioner returns to ordinary reality. It’s important to take time to integrate the experience and insights received during the journey into one’s life.

The journey experience in shamanic journeying involves entering a trance state, communicating with ancestors and spirit guides, and receiving guidance or messages. It’s a powerful tool for personal growth, healing, and connection to the spiritual realm.

Interpreting Messages from Spirit Guides

Interpreting messages from spirit guides can be a challenging task for some, but with practice and patience, it can become easier. Here are some tips on how to interpret the messages received during a shamanic journey with spirit guides:

1. Take note of the symbols and images: During the journey, be observant of the symbols and images presented to you. They may hold deeper meanings or relate to specific aspects of your life, so it’s essential to take note of them. Write them down after the journey to help you remember them more accurately.

2. Be open-minded: Spirit guides communicate in many ways, and not all messages will be straightforward. Keep an open mind and be receptive to the messages you receive. Don’t dismiss anything that seems insignificant or odd because it may hold more meaning than you initially realize.

3. Trust your intuition: As you interpret your journey’s messages, trust your intuition. Pay attention to any ‘gut feelings’ or ‘hunches’ that may arise. They may be your spirit guides’ way of confirming a message or guiding you in a particular direction.

4. Seek guidance from a shaman: If you’re struggling to interpret the messages or need further clarification, consider consulting a shaman or a spiritual teacher. They can offer guidance and insight based on their experience and knowledge.

5. Apply the messages to your life: Once you’ve interpreted the messages, apply them to your life. Make any necessary changes or adjustments based on the guidance received. Remember that the messages are meant to help you lead a more fulfilling life, so use them to your advantage.

Interpreting messages from spirit guides involves being attentive to the symbols and images presented, having an open mind, trusting your intuition, seeking guidance when needed, and applying the messages to your life. With time and practice, understanding the messages from spirit guides can become a natural process.


After undergoing a shamanic journey, one may feel more connected to their ancestors and spirit guides. It is important to keep in mind that the journey is a process and it may take time to fully understand and interpret the messages received.

Remember to always approach the journey with respect and intention. Do not approach it as a form of entertainment or a way to escape reality. The journey is a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.

By following the steps outlined above, we can prepare ourselves for the journey and be open to the messages we receive. With an open mind and a willingness to learn, we can connect with our ancestors and spirit guides and gain a new perspective on our lives.

It is important to continue to practice and explore shamanic journeying to fully understand its benefits. Keep a journal of your experiences and interpretations to track your progress and growth.

In conclusion, shamanic journeying is a powerful tool for connecting with our ancestors and spirit guides. By approaching the journey with respect and intention, we can gain valuable insights and wisdom. It is an ongoing process of self-discovery and healing that can have a transformative impact on our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history behind Shamanic Journeying?

Shamanic Journeying is a method used by ancient cultures for thousands of years to connect with the spirit world. The techniques used in modern Shamanic Journeying are based on these ancient traditions.

Can anyone learn Shamanic Journeying?

Yes, anyone can learn Shamanic Journeying. It’s a natural ability that we all have. With practice and guidance, you can learn to connect with the spirit world.

What is the role of a Shaman?

A Shaman is a person who acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. They use various methods, including Shamanic Journeying, to communicate with spirits and help bring balance and harmony to their community.

Can Shamanic Journeying be dangerous?

Shamanic Journeying is generally considered safe, especially when done under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. However, as with any spiritual practice, it’s important to approach it with respect and caution.

How long does a Shamanic Journey usually last?

A Shamanic Journey can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on your experience and intention. It’s important to set a clear intention before beginning your Journey.

Do you need any special tools or instruments to Journey?

While some Shamanic traditions use specific instruments, such as drums or rattles, they are not necessary for modern Shamanic Journeying. All you really need is a comfortable place to lie down and a quiet environment where you can relax and focus.

What are some common experiences people have during a Shamanic Journey?

People often report feeling a sense of lightness, detachment, or euphoria during a Journey. They may see vivid colors, landscapes, or encounters with spiritual entities. Each person’s experience is unique.

Can Shamanic Journeying help with healing?

Yes, Shamanic Journeying can be a powerful tool for healing. By connecting with the spirit world, you may gain new insights, release emotional blockages, or receive guidance on how to move forward in your life.

How often should you Journey?

There is no set frequency for Shamanic Journeying. Some people Journey once a week, while others do it less frequently. It’s important to listen to your own intuition and do what feels right for you.

Is Shamanic Journeying a religious practice?

Shamanic Journeying is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice that can be used by people of any faith or belief system. It’s about connecting with the divine within yourself and the world around you.


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